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thursday, october 14, 2004

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somehow i had hoped, with all the other differences, that getting hired as a sub for the district would be different out here. but, no, it takes forever, just like it would in cali. it would really be nice if they were different and could hurry up the process, but they haven't even gotten to, much less processed, last week's mail. when did i send the transcript copies i had? last week. if i wasn't sure that this would be the best position for me, i'd be looking for something else. but flexibility is a high priority here, so this is the best job for me. so i wait.

i hate waiting, but i don't think i could convince them to speed up the process either. and i was so enjoying how different they were from cali, lol.

the weather is cooling off a lot now days. this morning was actually chilly! it'll be cool to see snow again. at least until we're in the middle of february. my only concern is making sure the kids are covered for winter. cali doesn't get as cold as a 'snow state' in winter, just wet. it will be nice to see snow once in awhile instead of rain for six months, but the kids are more prepared for a rainy winter than a snowy one. especially jewel - she's been cold all summer. until i get that job, though, winter clothes are going to be tough to come up with, especially for the oldest.

as always, we'll manage somehow.

it's been something of a frustrating day, made more so because i'm tireder than usual. no, no more freak outs, just . . . sorta blah. the first thing i found on my desk this morning was one of my dragons, shattered so badly there's no way to repair it. i'm pretty sure vagner was the culprit - roro doesn't climb up on the desk much. then there was the phone call to the school district and the rather unsatisfactory results. i'm working on a character profile that isn't coming along so easily. and then there were the phone calls reminding me i owed money (tell me something i don't know) and begging for specific dates i can't give them.

going back to bed with a good book is looking so good right now.

instead i made a cup of tea and that just seemed to hit the spot. apparently i needed a change from my usual soda too.

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