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10 days
thursday, september 16, 2004

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and in more ways than one. it's been a hell of a 10 days. the substitute teaching workshop has been the highlight of the last 2 weeks, which is both good and pretty damn sad if you think about it. mostly i've either had migraines or dealing with the after affects of having migraines the last 2 weeks. they started when the first storms from frances started through our area. i got a brief breather in there somewhere, then they hit again. when not in agonizing pain, i've been queasy and feeling sick. so, even if the last 10 days had been better, i more than likely would not have been able to enjoy them.

make that the last 5 days. and its my own damn fault for being an idiot.

sometime in the middle of last week, after saxy had left for st. mary's to work, i decided to finally move my downloads out of the 4images gallery that i really didn't like and over to my forum. i had poked around at other gallery software and just didn't see anything i was particularly willing to try, and here i have this forum that's pretty much ignored. using a section of it for the downloads beat having all this stuff on my hard drive that i don't use and deleting the forum. anyway, it started off pretty well. i downloaded all the files had added to the gallery, mucked around with the pages that would remain on the .com, and managed to register all the 4images users at the forum. my next job was to delete the 4images gallery database. now, i know when mucking around with stuff, you need to have backups. so, when my mouse slipped and i deleted my mt database instead, it was my own damn fault for not having backed anything up before doing the deletion.

my most recent backup was from june. this did not include all the code i changes i made to dreaming's archive page, dreaming's new categories, or the categorizing of the archives i had done. the last date it included was june 23, so it also was missing something like 75 entries. and that doesn't count the missing entries for the updates log, ink/voices, or the downloads updates journal. fortunately, most of these only needed entries re-added, so i did that first. but dreaming was a mess and it took me 5 days to sort it all out and get everything back the way it was supposed to be. the only thing lost now, as far as i know, is the comments made since june 23. i am very grateful that the ink/voices merger was in that backup though.

and, yes, the databases (all of them) are now backed up. and probably will be every week after this as well.

course, now i'm cranky as hell - my head has been in agony for 2 weeks, and, because of this whole database fiasco, i haven't gotten any writing done at all. i swear, writing is what keeps my blood pressure down and my temper in check half the time. the other half of the time, it's just being in a good mood. add to this i haven't slept well for the last 3 or 4 days, and you've got one irritable domy.

however, as i said, the workshop was a bright spot in the week. i am amazed at how supportive the county appears to be of its subs and teachers. the difference in attitude from cali can be summed up in a few simple things: panic buttons in every room, fingerprinting is free, gwinnett pays more. the workshop made me really want to sub here. in cali i felt more like i was going to sub because we needed the income. here it just sounds like a good environment to be in. and since i have yet to see a school being built with metal detectors, i feel like it'll also be a relatively safe environment. my only problem now is wardrobe. as in i don't have one. being a big woman, a decent wardrobe that i'll actually enjoy wearing (and isn't made up of tents disguised as clothing) is going to cost a minor fortune, which we don't have. but, if i get hired, i'll need one. we'll manage, but man, oh man, i so did not need yet one more thing to interfere with getting our budget on track. granted, if it comes between squeezing the budget a little more and not getting hired, i'll take squeezing the budget a little more.

no, i haven't been hired yet. presumably, my paperwork made it to the district office late friday. now, if my referrals made it in, hopefully i'll hear soon. unlike some, i'm not absolutely positive i'll get hired, but i sure am hoping. if my referrals didn't make it in, hopefully i'll be informed soon that those letters are all that's missing so i can go harass the writers. recommendation letters. yuck.

we also had to finagle how the whole transportation thing would work out, assuming we get a car and i get this job. saxy will have to work short days, and i'll have to stay at the school a tad longer, but we'll manage. as mcat said, i can use the extra time to work on my writing if nothing else.

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