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wednesday, june 23, 2004

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since we'll be out of here in about a week and a half, i'm poking around job sites again. or should that be finally? anyway, i updated my resume at and looked for ed, writing, editor, and driving jobs at ajc. my brother told me that the schools for the county we're moving into is hiring something like 300 teachers and 500 bus drivers, but i haven't found any info either on the gwinnett county page or on the gwinnett schools pages. i did find info on being a teacher and even subs have to have taken the praxis so me teaching for the schools there is out for the time being. once the move is over i'll look into taking the praxis. i'd actually like to work at the community college level, but i'm not holding my breath that the community colleges accept "only" a b.a. i'm poking around looking into that as well, but it looks like most of their community colleges don't have an online presence that i can find.

of course, who knows? maybe i can work on my masters out there. i was looking at low residency programs earlier because none of the colleges out here that i could get to had a masters in writing. the closest ones would be a 2 hour round trip, so low residency seemed the way to go. if they have universities out there that are fairly close and we have a car, then i can work towards my masters degree in the evenings. i'd have to get loans to cover it, but that was a given anyway. something else to look into. this program looks good.

i didn't see the bus driving job either and most the other driving jobs are for class a licenses. i did see something for ups, but i think it was one of those temp agencies or something. it would be nice for saxy to get into u.p.s. though . . . they start at $17/hour apparently!

there are quite a few graphics design jobs, which i can do, but all of them require adobe photoshop, which i can't do. yes, i am a psp girl (although i still use v6 - who can afford to upgrade?). ;) and i noticed a few editor type positions, but they all require 2 - 5 years experience and i most definitely don't have that. even if i could squeak by, i miss on other requirements such as print layout experience.

i feel like i'm caught in the middle of the gray area - just enough to be too good for most unskilled jobs, not enough to work at what my degree was supposed to let me work in. yeesh.

but i'll keep looking. i know there are other job hunter sites other than monster. time to google them and do some more poking. and i need to make sure to add what i find to my bookmarks.

it'll give me something to alternate with all this stupid php stuff i'm doing. ;)

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