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monday, may 10, 2004

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today was my appointment with my family doctor, bright and early (and if you know me at all, i'm sure you can hear the sarcasm in that last bit). everything's good. he had me go to the vampires and get blood drawn to check the iron as well as all the hormonal stuff. we need to know how my iron is doing to determine how much iron to take, and the other is to verify if i am indeed menopausal. i also had him check for a sinus infection because i'm waking up with a headache everyday, even when the weather is being agreeable. he didn't prescribe any antibiotics, so i'm assuming that's a no on the infection, but he did prescribe something for sinus pressure and oh man does it knock me on my butt. we're only taking that when the pain is unbearable.

at any rate, now i'm all set up for the move. my labs will be current, my medical file will be up to date on what we discussed and what's been going on, and that was one of the most important reasons for this particular visit. we did discuss the hysterectomy a bit, but, obviously, getting one done before i leave is not an option. however, i now have a little more info on that and we did do the blood test to see if my iron is an issue to be concerned about still.

when i came home i worked a bit on today's class lecture, but the new medication knocked me out, so i pretty much copied and pasted the old lecture into the new to get the class done today. we went over by at least a half hour, so i am definitely thinking about dividing that lecture into 2 classes. unfortunately, the medication also made me a bit more impatient, although i think i managed to keep it under wraps for the most part.

i also had to interact with someone today who is drives me nuts under normal conditions. in my doped condition it is amazing to me that i didn't let her know exactly how frustrating a person she is for me. i'm sure such things can be done politely, but i have yet to find the best way to tell someone they drive you crazy and still be tactful. this woman . . . she has this "i have to be on top and right" attitude that's just out there. one friend who knows her says she thinks the woman is full of herself, but i'm not sure i agree. i think maybe she just needs to learn to phrase things in such a way that she doesn't sound that way. she may really not know any other way to get across what she's trying to say.

the one thing that really makes me crazy with her, though, is this constant sense of competition i get with her. if your life's bad, hers is worse. if your life's good, hers is better. it's not like i try to get into a one-upmaniship contest with her, that's just too stupid. who wants to have the worst life and the worst time adjusting or whatever. it's just . . . strange. really. and if she has a point on a particular topic that doesn't quite square with what the discussion is about, she has to do everything she can to make her point fit in. it's hard to explain without using a specific instance of it, which i do not wish to do. or, maybe, it's just she has to point out the one exception to whatever general topic you're talking about and then do everything she can to show how you're wrong because of that exception. pointing out that it's the exception doesn't do anything. it eventually gets to the point where about all you're hearing from her is 'but there's this stuff.' it's as if she knows everything and must make you agree with her regardless of whether you do or not. all i can do with her is stop talking. if she wants to be so closed to other ideas, i guess that's the way she can be, i suppose, but it's a real turn off to always have yourself being corrected. and, as for me, i feel like i can;t have a normal conversation with her.

heck, maybe she is full of herself.

(and i apologize for any incoherence in this entry. stupid meds still have me out there somewhere.)

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