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friday, april 30, 2004

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what is it with some days? i wanted to write this entry sometime yesterday, but got caught up in other things, like cleaning up some dead links on the site. oh, yes, there were a lot more than i thought. and i'm not done yet. blea.

anyway, my brother called yesterday morning. he was pretty much checking up to see how we were doing, among other things. he was surprised at how many homes i sent him from the adds we looked at. i reassured him there wouldn't be any more. the houses there are too inexpensive and too pretty for me to keep looking at them since, even inexpensive as they are, i still can't afford one . . . yet. at least he now knows for sure what we're looking for. ;)  we also asked about a few other concerns we had, one being transportation once we get there. saxy asked about bus routes since that's what we rely on here (and we have no trouble doing so, really), but my brother said that wouldn't be an issue as he'd get us some kind of car. you know, and old, junker that has one thing going for it: it works. we were surprised. i mean, he's already paying most of the money just to get us there and in a place, the car just seems over the top to me. but he says we need a car out there, so i guess we won't argue with him. i seriously doubt he has any clue how grateful we are to him.

in just a month we give our 30-day notice to the rental office. sometimes it seems like time is going by really slow, especially when we haven't been doing much in the way of prep, but it really is going by fast. and may should go really fast, especially early may. we have all those doctor things going on. and june promises to be really nuts. we'll be finalizing everything and having the yard sale and all that stuff.

two months left. it seems so long and so short at the same time.

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