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friday, april 30, 2004

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to my utter amazement, ssi actually got it right this time. today was bank day and i went to the old bank first. imagine my surprise to find that taz's money wasn't there. so we went to the new bank, and there it was! not only did they send me a notice, they actually managed to follow through on said notice immediately! will wonders never cease!? now we just have to see if they try to send it back to the old account sometime in the future. they did this once before, trying to send his money to an account that had been closed a year previously. they claimed i requested the change, but, as batty as i can get, i would never try to have them send money to an account that's been closed for even a day, much less a year. someone screwed up and didn't want to take the blame for being an idiot.

unfortunately, i didn't realize until just before the bank run around that i had missed my neurology appointment this morning. i tried to reschedule, but, as always seems to be the case with this doctor, today was her last available appointment for some time. she's going to be "gone" (another common characteristic of this doctor - she's hardly ever there) for the next 2 or 3 weeks. after that, she's book till july 7.

umm, dudes, we're outta here july 2! ;)

so i gave them dates i'd be available and from there we got to play phone tag. i was doing the run around for the nurse's return call, she had already "left" for the day, then she called back but since the number came up as an unknown, i didn't answer. with all the bill collector harassment and threats and whatnot, it had better have a caller i.d. or be a number i recognize before i'll pick up the phone!

so, i guess i'll try monday and hope we actually connect.

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