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california domy melt
wednesday, july 16, 2003

someone please turn down the heat!

yes, the wonderful california summer has truly begun, complete with temps in the 100s and humidity. we're frying out here. my next electric bill promises to be a scary, scary thing as i haven't been turning off the cooler at night. why? because the only way to make it past 8 a.m. without the heat rising to muggy hot is to keep the damn thing on all night.

by 10, cooler or no, it's just too damn hot to do much of anything, so i've been sleeping the mornings away despite having other things to do. and none of those other things have gotten done. okay, so some of the sleeping stuff could be a bit of a stress reaction, but i swear most of it is the heat. even my writing is suffering at the moment. i can be inspired but have no motivation to do work on it no matter how good an idea it is. i just don't want to swim through our current version of air to get to the computer. which is probably better for the computer anyway. so, for the last few days, i've bounced on long enough to check mail and boards, then i'm right back off again.

course, working on the computer isn't the only thing affected. i haven't done much revision of my novel, or anything else for that matter. i can't focus, even with my meds, it's too damn hot to do much of anything. i can't even seem to concentrate long enough to read anything. so, i do nothing, then end up awake all night because that's when it's coolest. which, of course, only reinforces the sleeping all day.

not that i do much then either. the humidity and heat just sap the energy right out of you. i can't sleep, but i can't seem to get up the motivation to do anything even when it's finally cooled off a bit. and i do mean a bit.

i'm really not looking forward to next month or early september. all i can hope for is that it will dry up a bit and not be quite so humid because one thing i know for sure, it's going to be a lot hotter.

just about now i'd put up with a storm headache if it would cool things off a bit. seriously.

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