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monday, july 14, 2003

today it was hud housing and walmart. tomorrow it will be social security and possibly the post office, and we have a 1:00 appointment for the people who take care of taz's respite care to come by and do their quarterly check and update. wednesday it will be at least 2 colleges. thursday it will be 2 more colleges. and sometime in there i have to take vagner to the vet for boosters and fixing.

and that's just counting the stuff i know about.

i have to take the letter of saxy's unemployment in to hud and social security to avoid rent hikes and payment cuts. actually, we may not be able to avoid the payment cuts, but hopefully we can avoid a $200 increase in rent. hud also seems to have misplaced the 2 or 3 copies they already had of birth certificates and social security cards and wanted those brought in. what can i say, it's a government agency. government agencies, in my experience, tend to lose just about everything at some point. i remember when they lost the letter showing my son's child support and we were stuck paying back ssi over payments as a result. the worker kept saying i hadn't brought it in. she finally found it . . . in his file . . . towards the bottom.

anyway, we were going to hit social security today but the ride has to go to work at 3 and it was about noon when we walked out of walmart. we know social security, it would have taken at least 2 hours to get anywhere near the head of the line - and then they would have closed all but one window so we would still have at least another hour before we could be seen. just to turn in a single piece of paper. the good news: we would have gotten to wait in the air conditioning rather than in the 100+ heat.

there's no rest for the non-morning person here. if i don't go in the morning, it's too damn hot. if i go in the morning, i'm only half awake and make very little coherent sense.

as for the colleges, i once again need transcripts so i can apply for a "guest teacher" position with the local school district. i almost feel there's no rush for that - i'm still struggling with the question of why i would make a good guest teacher for them even though i have no experience and no credential.

somehow in this week long exposure to heat and stress, i have to come home and find it in me to write. yea, that will work. the heat alone just sucks the motivation right out of you.

we're also looking at moving to waukesha again. a friend is going to poke around and see if she can find saxy a place to stay. she's right about one thing: we have to get out of this state. saxy's already begun the search with the online versions of the papers. guess what's out there? stuff requiring licenses (such as nursing), or degrees, or 5 years or more experience. and of those jobs there are actually very few.

california really sucks right now. running around in the heat to turn in paperwork and look for a job in a place with next to no jobs available is not our idea of a good time. but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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