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quiet recovery
sunday, july 13, 2003

after a rather stressful end of the week, we seem to have settled emotionally from friday's upset. i was afraid saxy would be depressed, the way men get after losing a job (since society deemed it important to associate a man's self worth with working; a phenomena that seems to be fading, thank god). i think the stress of the recent changes there - new director, most of the staff he knew either transferring or being let go in one way or another, and so on - were making him miserable. yes, it was good to have a job and good to have money, but having a job that you can't feel comfortable and secure in can make the money seem a rather hollow thing.

it's been a quiet weekend, a nice weekend, actually. peace is a good thing. taz has been a little stressed more than usual, but he finally went out with his respite care worker after not seeing her for three weeks. and saxy's been home. taz tends to flip a bit when things change, but at least he doesn't tantrum the way he used to. the girls have have been a bit unhappy - the loss of an allowance will do that. ;) but, overall, we're doing okay.

my .net is up and operational, so i can finally focus on other things. i do need to do some tweaking of the codes and figure out the comment stuff, but, other than that, they are usable. now i just need to convince my brain i don't need to go and do those fixes immediately. it's like it's become a habit to play in the mt every day and i'm having trouble shutting it down. i've been trying to get to crits (when not sleeping), but i can't seem to focus, so maybe i need to do something more creative. but i just don't have the motivation.

it's been a pretty laid back weekend, maybe i should just enjoy it that way.

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