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tuesday, july 22, 2003

i am seriously off schedule these days (and for you who know me, yes, again, now shush!). see having hubby at work does more than bring in money. it also allows me to do what i do during the day without interruptions. it forces me to get up at what the rest of the world calls a normal time and i call just plain too early for sane people. i actually get things done and at a somewhat reasonable hour.

granted, it never helps me get with it on tai-chi thing, but that's hardly the fault of him being at home or working. that's just me being an idiot and knowing what i have to do but not doing it. i'm good at that sometimes.

at any rate, i am once again twisted to my usual night owl preferences: in bed after 3 or 4 am and sleeping till noon. this is bad and my back let's me know it's bad for most of the day. and, of course, when i sleep that late, i wake up in the middle of the heat of the day. who wants to do anything then? it takes me hours to get going when i'm up that late, and i'm pretty much groggy and unmotivated for the whole day. although, that could be the effect of sleeping more than 5 hours. (i'd also like to point out that this rather dull routine is one of the reasons whysper is not being updated on a daily basis: there's only so many times you can say "it's hot, i slept, then i wrote for awhile" before people get tired of it.)

i honestly don't know how i'm going to do this whole subbing thing when morning is such an issue for me.

worse yet, linnorm pointed out that the l.a. school district is hiring. like i really want to get up even earlier in the morning and risk being shot for the privilege.

before anyone asks or wonders, yes, i'm still applying to the local district that's hiring. regardless of my allergy to morning, we need a job. and i still would very much like to get hired. i'm just not looking forward to having to get up at an ungodly hour to get there on time.

anyway, back to the issue at hand. the good news is that despite this return to my inner night owl and dealing with the heat, i am still managing to get some things done. progress is being made on the novel, i'm recovering from my word processor woes and getting all my notes and lectures pulled back together, and i have a few stories i do manage to look at once in awhile. as always, i do manage to get my site updated on close to a daily basis. and i keep up with all my dii stuff on a daily basis when not setting up 22 journals in the same system. it all just feels slow because i'm doing everything during some very limited hours at the moment. and, yes, i'm available for the family.

of course, overcoming my ps2 addiction would probably help.

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