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thursday, july 10, 2003

just when things start getting better . . . .

saxy's new job has been a godsend. granted, we paid less in bills than i had planned or expected, but after 2 years of unemployment it's really not surprising we spoiled ourselves a little. and some of it really wasn't spoiling, people needed clothes. hell, i probably still need clothes, especially if i go and apply at the one local unified school district that's hiring subs. i honestly don't have anything that can be remotely considered decent enough for an interview with anyone for anything, much less for a job that i am probably the least qualified for out of all their applicants. regardless, we needed a little self-indulgence. unfortunately, it's looking like we indulged just a little too soon.

yesterday saxy was suspended. saxy drives for the school he works for. and yesterday when he dropped one of the kids off, the kid chose not to go home. now, these are kids with problems, severe disabilities and behavior problems that keep them from participating in a normal school environment. and saxy is alone on this bus, even though he has kids that need one on one attention. when he first started working there, they had the drivers go out in pairs. when the new site director was brought in (because the old one had been transferred to a new campus), that particular practice stopped. kinda stupid, if you ask me, but budget cuts and reductions in staff do these kinds of things to you. now, add to this that schools are held at least partly responsible if a kid doesn't make it home, even if the kid got off the bus at the appropriate stop. this was impressed upon my youngest child's school by the local police department when she disappeared three years ago.

so, when saxy's little delinquent chooses not to walk through his front door, saxy is the one put on the line for it.

but it gets worse, oh yes it does.

later today, presumably, he finds out if he still has a job.

yes, indeedy, they just might fire him, despite having an otherwise clean record. and, in fact, we're almost positive that's what's going to happen. why? because el jerko site director is looking for reasons to get rid of the current staff and replace it with people all his own. he literally is watching for people to make mistakes and is offering no support when kids get out of hand. as far as i know, in the last month of actual working time, three people have been fired for various reasons. three people who were fine before this guy took over.

now, this still might not have been a problem except he now knows saxy is looking to transfer. no, this does not give saxy a reprieve. this only gives him more of a reason to fire saxy because he was planning on leaving anyway. forget the fact that he could just let him be until the transfer goes through. from what saxy says, this guy looks for ways to screw around with people. he's not the type to try to work with you if he can make things worse for you instead.

so, no, the situation does not look good. hell, for all we know, he was waiting for something like this.

now, granted, i don't know the whole story. saxy may have driven off without keep an eye on said kid. taz's driver always makes sure he makes it in the door before leaving. but, by the same token, the school is putting saxy between a rock and a hard place by demanding no one work any over time and have to vans back in the lot by 2pm. saxy's route is such that the earliest he can make it is 2:30. so, obviously, he feels rushed, and he may not have been paying attention. and there may be more to the whole el jerko director thing than i'm hearing. but saxy's never lied to me. even when he lost his last job, he was honest about the events that brought it about.

all i can do is hope it all works out and they don't fire him. but i started looking for anything i could do with my between a rock and a hard place degree (you know, the one that over qualifies me for everything except the one thing i'm under qualified for) just in case. and i found one district hiring. i don;t hold too much hope for it. the governor has butchered the education budget, teachers and subs are being laid off right and left all over the state, and they have experience and credentials i can't even begin to claim.

let's just hope the director cuts him a break and doesn't fire him. or the campus he's transferring to will take him regardless. or something. i'm so tired of just starting to get back on my feet a little only to have the rug pulled out from under me again. life isn't fair, i know that, but it's about time things went our way for once.

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