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a to z, pt. 2
wednesday, may 28, 2003

yea, so i decided to take this a step further and do a "domy's alphabet" sort of thing. what can i say. it's been a dull week so far. well, not totally dull, but dull enough. anyway, this time i choose my own word for each letter. okay, yea, so you may just want to skip this entry out of pure dullness.

A - anemia. "earned" with my a.a. in early childhood studies and now a "cause" of sorts. too many people, women in particular, don't realize how important iron is. i didn't, at least not until i didn't have much left in my body. if you have any of the symptoms, get checked. if i can do it, so can you.

B - bbw. domy is big. domy is a woman. whether or not she's beautiful is debatable. but they don't have an acronym for big average woman.

C - cats. i adore them and have rarely lived without one. ororo, current top cat, doesn't like me. and now we have a new kitten, vagner, picked up yesterday. he's a stray and sort of named after nightcrawler. we changed the "w" to a "v" because you know us bloody americans and our spelling problems. and i'm still not certain we're keeping him. let's see: possibly lose apartment, keep kitten. considering the overall, general state of the apartment, that is a tough choice.

D - domynoe. the nickname, how did i get it. well, hubby gave it to me, but we don't remember the exact circumstances. however, i am quite certain it didn't have anything to do with black rectangles with white dots or kiss.

E- entertaining. so my friends tell me. i'm not so sure about it.

F - five. as in the lifespan of my memory: five minutes. sometimes less. depends on the importance; seems the more important it is, the sooner i'm likely to forget it. ;)

G - gregarious. put me in a large group of nothing but strangers who are focusing solely on me (you know, introductions to a new group of people) and my energetic, outgoing nature is dampened. otherwise, look out. i'm the student who drives other students crazy with comments and questions in the classroom, the person who pulls everyone into an i.m. chat, and so on.

H - hobbies. primarily reading. i used to do cross-stitch, crochet, and drawing as well, but i don't have time for them any more. writing has taken over.

I - intelligent. well, supposedly. i graduated with honors, i was reading college level by 7th grade, i'm a learner. memory not withstanding, i do okay. i did better when the anemia hadn't messed with my thought processes, but i still managed a's in uni despite the problem.

J - jiggle. i have a lot of excess energy that seems to come out in a rapid foot shake. okay, that's not quite jiggling, but it works. sometimes i wish i could take that energy and harness it into serious exercise. other times, particularly in summer, i'm glad i'm not quite that industrious.

K - kids. four of them, although my son seems to be closer to two or three on his own. he makes me glad i didn't have those twins i wanted when i was in high school.

L - leadership. one tsf team, a women's group, and two writing groups later, i'm finally admitting to having a smidgen of leadership ability. well, i suppose it has to be more than a smidgen with dii doing so well.

M - mother. four kids, a husband, two cats, and a dog. who do you think manages this zoo? m is also for music. can't live without it. being married to a tv husband makes life interesting in that department.

N - needles. just keep the suckers away from me. *shudder*

O - organized. okay, let's just admit it: it's more than organized, it's a.r. even my messes are organized.

P -pharmacy. as in walking. now, i just have to remember to take all those meds twice a day.

Q - quake. common where i live. after over 30 years, i'm still not used to the suckers. besides, i get enough ground moving with my dizzy spells.

R - resolve. this girl is determined to get published.

S - survivor. of abuse.

T - teaching. well it's for free, but i teach writing classes at dii. good practice for the day i get a real job, if ever. so far they are being well received. which reminds me, i need to hurry this up. i still have to write today's class lecture.

U - unemployed. technically, anyway. and likely to stay that way for awhile since the education cuts have made my english degree pretty much worthless. thank you, governor davis.

V - value. i truly value the people i meet and the experiences of life. i believe we touch the life of everyone we meet, however brief that meeting may be. and i believe everything we go through in life can be learned from. nothing is a waste. it all goes into making us who we are.

W - writer. i've been writing since i was 10, maybe a little younger and now i'm finally doing it seriously. i write primarily fantasy; from high fantasy to urban, and most of everything in between. i've also been trying my hand at more commercial/literary stuff and a few other genres. check out my progress once in awhile.

X - xmas. okay, so that one was expected. do you know how hard it is to find a word for "x"? i hate this particular abbreviation too. but it's my favorite holiday. and that has nothing to do with getting stuff. it has to do with meaning and traditions that go beyond the typical commercialism.

Y - yearn. things i yearn for: my own home, a car, a laptop with a wireless connection, and other stupid, materialistic things we've been denied because of poverty. but, most of all, i want my kids to realize that it's not financial state or the toys that makes on happy. it's following your dreams. and i really hope they all reach for their dreams instead of waiting 20 years like i did.

Z - zippy. how i think. i mean, my brain is seriously on speed . . . without the drugs. i did a stream of consciousness exercise once. in less than 5 minutes i had scared myself and decided to never do that again, it was that bad.

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