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sunday, april 27, 2003

weekends used to be pretty quiet, with only sunday evening being anything remotely busy (and that only because the family shows we watch together are all pretty much back to back).

man have things changed with the advent on saxy's job.

fridays are about the only time we really get to just sit together any more, although what happens saturdays is dependent on the week. every other saturday is game day with the other players showing up mid afternoon and not leaving until close to midnight. during the day, there's chores (mostly a kid thing) and i'm busy trying to get class lectures written or crits done as i have designated my weekends the days i do critiques for my writing groups. it's the only way i can get them done as the rest of the week i'm trying to write. on saturdays when saxy and i hit a movie, my crits and stuff pretty much go out the window. sundays are busy with the kids off to church, any unfinished chores being finished, and family time in the evening.

it used to be so quiet and lazy on weekends that it was hard to tell them apart from the week. not any more. the weekdays are quiet for me, if somewhat busy with my writing. weekends hit and there's very little real quiet going on. and we often have to pack in other things we haven't gotten done during the week, grocery trips and the like. on the one hand it's kind of nice having something mark a difference in days other than the tv show saxy happens to be watching that night. on the other, the rush rush of the weekend often seems to make tempers a little higher and hotter. as if i didn't play referee enough before.

but i wouldn't change it for the world. despite the fact that tempers flare more frequently, we are already overall doing better. we can meet our needs and a few luxuries, the girls get allowances now, saxy comes home tired and moody most days but he seems far happier to be working than not (especially with the hours he has and the vacations he gets). things are good, packed weekends and all.

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