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chased out
saturday, april 26, 2003

for the last week or so i have not been able to sleep with my husband. the man snores. now he's been a snorer since we met. so was my first husband, so i'm no stranger to the snoring thing. and it's never really bothered me. you get used to things. our sleep schedules only match for a few hours anyway, so it's usually not a huge problem. and once i'm out, i'm out. i've slept through earthquakes and my kids trying to kill each other (something my husband just cannot get used to - a fight starts and he's awake). i wake up to phone calls though. but for the last week or so he's been snoring loud enough to wake the dead on the other side of the planet. i literally can hear him when the bedroom door is shut, the music is up, and i'm downstairs in the kitchen. the man has gotten loud. really, really loud.

i'm thinking that he's being hit with the allergy season too. it is quite possible saxy has really mild allergies that have never bothered him before. if they were so mild that under normal circumstances they don't bother him, he'd have no reason to get checked for them, and would not know he had any. until now. i've never had hay fever symptoms before, so there's a good chance that he's experiencing allergies he's never had before. he has sounded more congested of late. and since allergies do affect breathing, among other things, there's a good chance they are messing with him at night and making his snoring that much louder.

and chasing me out of my husband's bed. i've spent a number of nights sleeping on the downstairs couch instead. i don't sleep that well on the couch of doom (called that because no matter how awake you think you are, if you lay down on that couch you aren't awake anymore; it sucks you in no matter what. now, you can sit on the couch of doom, but it tempts you to lay down and once you do, it has you.). i miss my bed and i miss my husband.

however, i may have struck on a solution: allergy medication. see, i am one of those people who is so sensitive to antihistamines that even the no drowsy formulas knock me out. my solution is to take a half dose. then i get kind of dopey, but i can actually stay awake if i fight it. which is the key. last night i took my usual half dose and didn't fight. even with saxy vibrating the bed and shaking windows, i was out in less than a half hour. which is pretty much a miracle in and of itself.

maybe we'll manage to survive this allergy season after all.

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