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california bloomin'
friday, april 18, 2003

the mystery of the near nonstop sneezing has been solved. southern california is blooming and in a very big way. apparently anyone and everyone with even the mildest of allergies is having quite a time of it right now. now, i am not normally the hay fever kind of person, but i do have a very mild allergy to some trees and that's what's going off the charts at the moment and making me lose brain cells just from the amount of sneezing going on.

it's that california weird weather.

for the last few weeks or so, we'd get a storm, then it would dry out and get nice and worm, then we'd get another storm, and it would dry out and get nice and warm, and so on. apparently this pattern of wet to dry to wet again has resulted in extraordinary growth in the greenery department. so much growth that it is being labeled one of the worst allergy seasons in recent years.

so not normally being a hay fever kind of person, having relatively mild allergies to certain trees is enough to over rule the normal patterns of spring for me. unfortunately, i still also have the asthma, the storm headaches, and the dust and mold issues, which are also worse this spring. i am not looking forward to the usual nice spring that i usually enjoy before california turns into the unpleasant oven it becomes every summer. no, i get to sneeze my head off for the entire season. i so hate not being able to breathe. sneezing only makes it that much worse.

and here i hoped just having kitten clean up the dust around the desk would be enough to clear things up.

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