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friday, march 14, 2003

it seems my tongue in cheek comments about being allergic to mornings have finally been taken literally by the universe. there is a lot of allergy reaction going on today, a nice congestion combined with an unusual amount of sneezing. weird thing is, my allergies don't usually have me sneezing my brain cells out my ears every few seconds. on top of this, there's a slight asthmatic reaction to the soup gracing our skies today.

and people wonder why i don't like the morning thing.

i cut gypsy's morning training session short because of all this. that and the ground was insanely wet. the sprinklers must be losing it in both timing and amount of water they pour out to water the lawn. eventually some lawn guy will realize we're also watering china and report it and a few months after that someone will come fix it. until then, mornings out here will be wet even without rain. and that ought to take the mold count up considerably, which means more congestion for me since that's one of my allergies.

we have a rather busy weekend planned. tonight we're going to go out to dinner and celebrate saxy's new job and first pay check (after this we get serious about the bills). we were going to do this tomorrow, but the weatherman has been telling us it will rain this weekend and since we're bus bound people we'd rather avoid the falling wetness. before dinner, i get to run with the man to the bank to cash his check. i also need to look into adding him to my account. he and i have discussed the rules of such an endeavor and i'm going to give the joint account thing one more try despite my misgivings. things could be different this time. i hope.

tomorrow i have to go to a beginner's class for dog training. we're still working on getting miss gypsy socialized and less anxious around other dogs. i've also determined she has to go with us every where so she gets used to it. she will eventually be going everywhere with taz, so she might as well start now. besides, she needs the exposure to various experiences. saxy's not completely happy with this (i think he sees the dog as a kind of kid too and there are moments we want to be away from the children), but i told him i would handle her. which i hope is true since she's been highly avoidant with regards to him. she's not happy with him for abandoning her in favor of this job thing.

anyway, while i do that, saxy will be off to get a pair of pants and a few shirts. most the stuff he has now just are not appropriate for work. they don't mind casual, but i'm sure they'd prefer it not be holy.i think he also plans a dvd run, but not sure since i've frowned on that. a grocery run is definitely in order this week sometime.

then, presumably saxy and i both need to be back at the house by noon to run off and finally see chicago. we were going to do this last weekend, but i wasn't feeling up to par. plus, the financial issues had me too stressed to be able to enjoy it much. but we've noticed a "flickering" of the movie at our local theater - it's here one week, gone the next, and back the following week - so we'd like to catch it before it flickers out and never returns.

now, i think we had something going on for sunday too, but i sure can't remember. i know the evening is our "must see tv" night with smallville and american dreams (which we watch with the older girls). i hope the morning includes a plan to sleep in some.

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