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morning struggle
wenesday, march 12, 2003

i have mentioned repeatedly how i am allergic to mornings. me and the a.m. hours just do not get along well unless they are just after midnight. now, some of this could be the fact that i am a night owl and stay up an hour or two . . . or more . . . after the clock strikes 12, but i've always had trouble getting to sleep before 2 (a.m., that is) and being up bright and early. i just don't work that way. for me the world doesn't start turning until after 10. (i swear, there ought to be a law!)

and now we have this new schedule going on.

i am supposed to be up before 8 on weekdays to get the two younger kids off to school and do training with gypsy and it just isn't working out that way. even when i do go to bed before 2 (usually from exhaustion), i cannot seem to get myself out of bed that early in the morning. (i truly pity my poor husband who is getting up at 4:30!) so far i've managed maybe 3 days out of the 10 that i've needed to do this. not a good success rate at all. and so far it has nothing to do with waking up, refusing to get out of bed, and falling back to sleep. if i wake up, i get up as long as it's on time (if i'm too late, well, what's the point of getting up then?). no, i'm not waking up at all. i don't even hear the alarm clock go off or hubby stumbling around in the morning. dead to the world, that's me before 10.

so, i have this kid at home - she's off track - and i've recruited her. if i am not up, she is to get me up. considering i can be one heck of a grouch if woken up in the morning, especially if it's kid doing the waking, the girl is in for an unpleasant trip to say the least. but maybe it will get me into the habit of being up, if nothing else.

then i get to try to develop a habit of taking the dog out for a walk and actually exercising every day.

mornings and exercise. why are the unpleasant things the things you need?

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