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holiday plans
wednesday, november 27, 2002

there are very few holidays we celebrate. for one, i gave up most of my holidays with the kids so i could have christmas day (their dad gets christmas eve). second, most of the holidays are no big deal to me. heck, the only reason i celebrate new year's at all is because it's now my anniversary. the other holidays are pretty much dad's or ignored. thanksgiving, in the past has been spent with saxy's family coming over for dinner, but not this year. his mother hasn't been well, so we'll be alone for thanksgiving.

not that we mind. being a parent 24/7 is tough stuff and the breaks provided by time with dad are wonderful.

this year is no different. the kids are going to dad's for thanksgiving and spending the night with him. saxy has planned an omelet and hash browns breakfast, and a steak and shrimp dinner, complete with baked potato, saxy salad, and sourdough bread (i just love this man's cooking!). we'll probably watch movies in the evening, but we'll be watching in peace and quiet. then on friday the kids will be coming home early so we can hit a matinee showing of harry potter.

the rest of the weekend will be the usual: saturday chores and movie, and sunday church with their dad while we "sleep in," and i hope to get some writing done this weekend, which is probably the advantage to not having huge family get togethers. i'd really like to finish one of two new stories, do some revisions, and post them to dreaming.

i actually hope that as the kids grow up and have families of their own, we'll have the big family get togethers for the holidays. i remember spending the holidays with a lot of family as a kid and it's the one thing i'd like to do with my kids.

but i like the quiet too.

happy thanksgiving everyone!

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