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tuesday, november 5, 2002

well, i've dropped out of nanowrimo. read the dreaming entry for the complete details. i'm disappointed, but i'm also ok. i've learned quite a bit about me an my writing just in the few days i've been writing. and one of those lessons is the reason i don't just pick up and start writing again: i don't do well on writing through without planning. i'll start my plot building in september of next year and be ready to actually write in november.

yes, i do plan to do this again.

anyway, since i announced my withdrawal, i've found very supportive answers to my threads on the various boards where i was posting my counts and even received some nano-grams and emails. it's been very nice being supported and encouraged.

thanks for that everyone.

now i'll be working on assassin's choice again and the new design for whysper for next year. yes, i finally have one i think i like. but no seeing it until january 1, like always. the two of you will just have to wait.

it also seems that in addition to being supported and moving on in my other writing and site design, i'm being watched. look at what i found in my site meter stats today:

big brother is watching me? should i be worried now? at last check, big brother was still on my site and had gone through 25 clicks from this journal. i checked the referring url and it was unknown - which means big brother could have me bookmarked.

i know i can be something of a hit-slut, but being bookmarked by big brother may not be a good sign.

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