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rain & pain
friday, november 8, 2002

out of necessity, this will be short. it's been raining since yesterday with only a brief, but damp, break earlier today. we've had at least 4 power outages that i know of, all brief, but any power outage is something to be concerned about with a computer.

there are two things, other than power outages, that happen with rain in "sunny" california: i'm in pain there are accidents galore.

californians just can't seem to drive in rain unless it's a nice light drizzle on an otherwise warm day. i'd honestly hate to see them try snow. heck, recent events suggest they need to learn how to drive in fog, for crying out loud. they just don;t seem to get (or remember) that rain, especially the first rain of the winter season, is dangerous. the roads are slicker than usual, visibility is changed. you would think this would be enough to make the average californian change his or her driving habits and understand that 65+ mph is a bad idea.

nope. they stick to driving at the fastest speed possible, racing down slick roads and freeways, and practically tailgating the person in front of them. no wonder we've had so many accidents since this wonderful, lovely storm hit yesterday. it's been amazing we haven't had more.

i am a bit tired of hearing about the stupid thing on the news though. it's not a tornado or a cyclone or other national disaster for crying out loud. it's the beginning of winter, it's a winter rain storm. this is common every year. why does it have to take up half the news coverage out here?

besides, when the news caster says the storm is being a pain to someone, he honestly doesn't realize how literally true that is. since the night before last, i've been in pain, lots and lots of pain. storm pressure changes trigger some of the nastiest headaches for me. they're very similar to migraines.

another reason for me to be short with this. i need another dose of advil and to lay down again.

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