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weekend thing
sunday, october 13, 2002

another weekend winding down to a close. in about 30 minutes or so, i'll be sitting down with saxy and my two older girls watching american dreams, after which they'll start getting ready for school tomorrow and going to bed.

our weekends generally follow the same pattern: kids start chores friday and finish sometimes saturday, taz's respite care worker picks him up and takes him out from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., we have family movie night saturday night, sunday they go to church with dad, and sunday night saxy and i and the two older girls watch american dreams. any times in between these particular activities are spent in our usual pursuits - me writing or surfing, occasionally working on a web page, saxy watching tv (football on sundays). that kind of thing. pretty dull and boring. it's not like we have money to go anywhere. even just going to a park or something would require bus fair. one thing about not having a car - not everything is in walking distance so we have to at least come up with bus fair to go anywhere.

we've been trying for linnorm taking the kids twice a month, although it doesn't always happen especially now that he has to take certain days off for taz's occupational therapy. in fact, since the o.t. started, weekends have been pretty far apart.

he actually had this weekend free. saxy and i discussed having the kids go with their dad for the weekend because 3 of the 4 kids are grounded, but it's been so long that we decided we needed the time off more than they needed to stay grounded for the weekend. i love my kids, but every parent needs a break every so often.

we still didn't do much. we lazed around, slept in (ok, so i sleep in a lot because of my night owl nature, but it was nice to sleep in together), and just generally spent time together without having to worry about the kids. it was peaceful - none of the constant bickering. it was destressing - no having to deal with children doing things they weren't supposed to do and, nicely enough, no bills showed up in the mailbox to remind us how broke we are. the dish company had a freebie weekend, so we basically had a movie-athon just for the two of us. it was nice.

life for me isn't thrilling at the moment, i don't go anywhere much. even if i had places i wanted to go, i'd have no funds to get there. i'm not working yet and if i ever get my english degree posted, i'll be doing the majority of the teaching credential online, i hope. so i'm pretty much not being as social in the real world as i'd like to be. as a result, my days pretty much blend into one another, including weekends.

it'll be nice when saxy finally starts working. he's waiting for the next training class, which could be a few weeks. but once he gets started and we get ourselves on less shaky ground financially, we can occasionally do things on weekends. then the weekend thing might not be so dull.

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