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living on advil
wednesday, october 16, 2002

looks like this winter is going to be bad in the headache department. for the last week or so whenever i wake up i have one of my nasties. sometimes not so nasty and sometimes, like now, all i want to do is stay in bed. forever.

and every day i take 2 advil to try to control it - which usually works. the really bad ones get 3 advil sometimes 4. in fact, days like today require the advil plus laying down with a heating pad on the back of my neck. usually works, not always. right this instance i can sit up, but the pain is still there. it's been an hour and a half since i took the advil.

advil is becoming a part of the daily routine. wake up, hurt, take advil, check email. i hate it. i hate taking any meds, which makes the number of prescriptions i have truly annoying, having to tale an advil or two every single morning for the last week or so has gone beyond annoying. but i have to do something. i can't function when i have one of these little monsters.

i'm starting to feel like i 'm living on advil. i'm sure this is better than say living on demerol (which is god's gift among pain meds, but addictive), but i hate living on any medication. i'm pretty much medicated out. not that i take it all right now (since i can't afford it), but my current list of meds are adderall for the adhd, flonase to keep my nose clear (constant congestion from allergies), azmacort for my asthma, albuterol as needed also for the asthma, and rantidine for an ulcer. my nonprescription stuff is all vitamins and iron for my anemia. and now advil.

i feel like a freaking walking pharmacy. i hate it.

well, today was a 3 advil day, looks like it should have been 4 since i still hurt. i'm going to go and lay back down. the head is a lot better when i'm not sitting up. and this one is getting so bad i'm getting sick to my stomach. in a couple of hours i'll take another couple of advil. again. sigh . . . .

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