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on delay
thursday, october 10, 2002

ever feel like your entire life is on hold? you have things ready to go and they're all just on hold for whatever reasons?

that's pretty much where we're at right now. saxy has a job but training won't start for a bit - a month at least. it's nice to know he has a job coming, but to have to wait is hard. especially since we were hoping to handle a few things before christmas. now, if we want a real christmas - and we do - that means most of the stuff we want to take care of will have to wait. most of it has been waiting for such a long time that another couple of months should be no big deal, but i was really hoping to start handling some of this stuff in the next month or so.

i still don't have a grade change, so my degree and my teaching are also still on hold. the head of the department is supposed to be helping me with this, but i haven't heard from him either. i'll probably email him next monday, but it's looking more and more like my degree won't post until next year. so i wasted the money on my ring, i guess, since the year will be wrong for my graduation. i am so completely aggravated with the situation. most of my teachers were pretty cool, i just happened to get a jerk for this one class.

it's nice to know that there are things being worked out. i just wish they'd work out sooner than later. knowing there's a light at the end of the tunnel is a stress reliever, but we're still struggling badly for the moment.

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