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saxy surprise
monday, october 7, 2002

today is dear hubby's birthday and he got a wonderful present: a job!

it's a pretty sad thing to have to go job hunting on your birthday. but it's pretty cool to get a job! lord knows we need it.

he'll be going back to the place that he worked at last. the last company the had the contract lost the contract on the last round of bids, so he's not dealing with the same people (although he knows a number of the employees). he'll start off driving, but apparently the crew people want to get him into dispatch. the good news is either way he'll be earning over $8/hour. in dispatch he'd be earning $10/hour. and we know from experience he'll be working over time.

lord, did we ever need this! we've already agreed to focus on getting bills handled as quickly as possible. but i know we'll probably go to see both the new harry potter and lotr films and we'll probably have a real christmas this year. he already wants to take me to red lobster for dinner. *g* when he was working at the same place before he used to take me at least once a month. but we have other things that have to start getting cleared up first.

sort of makes my birthday present of some home baked peanut butter cookies seem kind of insignificant. lol but i know he appreciated them. he loves my 3 ingredient p.b. cookies - most people do.

in somewhat related news, i found two universities that do the teaching credential program online. i'm checking into one of them now to make sure it's accredited before i decide which one to seriously consider going to. i have to check f.a. availability on the other university. but, if they both are accredited and take f.a., i now have a way to continue my education while staying home with my son. and that would be very cool.

things are finally looking up. thank god!

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