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birthday wishes
saturday, october 5, 2002


that's how old i am today. one more year and i hit the big 4 - 0. why is 40 such a big deal for us? i have no idea.

at any rate, today was quiet, as expected. saxy did get me macross plus, the movie edition and the 12 stones first album. he was able to do that because his mother gave him some money to get us a little something, which was really sweet of her. she had already paid for us to get our cat back in the house as our birthday present. no cake, but that's ok, and macross is subtitled rather than dubbed, but it looks like that version may have been all that's available in the movie edition anyway. most sharon apple's songs are a mix of french, japanese, and english anyway.

i did essentially get told off, so to speak, at one of my writing sites, and i'm irritated about it, but i'm just going to move on. i did respond to the email by pointing out that the situation was essentially the pot calling the kettle black, which also wasn't appreciated, but no big. i think i'll be much happier with the decision i've made about the site - and i know a few friends who will be happy to no longer have to listen to me bitch about the place (well, more specifically, specific people at the place).

in the more cool stuff department, my story intended won the dreaming in ink writers group first quarterly contest. that's way cool. especially to come online and get the news from my partner in crime when it comes to the group. it was nice "present."

but, best of all, lots of hugs and kisses from the family, especially the kids. i think shebop made me at least a dozen birthday cards and pictures. kitten wasn't feeling too good and eventually went to bed early, but even she stopped long enough to brush my hair. (i don't know what it is about my hair, but my girls just love to play with it! lol)

i was tired today (expected after being up all night), but pain has been minimal and controllable. so, all in all, a nice quite day. the only bump isn't even really worth noticing.

happy birthday to me.

and to moon. ;)

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