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monday, september 30, 2002

june 3, whysper turned 2. i didn't exactly ignore it, but i didn't really celebrate it either. school had me nuts (heading into finals, you know) and after classes i was just too tired to get to it.

and now we have a few other birthdays coming that will probably be equally ignored.

my birthday is saturday. i'll be just shy of 40. and we're so broke i won't even be getting a cake. (if anyone's interested, here's my wishlist, but a card from one of the card shops on this list would be nice too.) i really should be long past the age where i need some kind of acknowledgment of my birthday, but i guess it's just nice to know someone is thinking about me.

maybe i can convince saxy to make me a bit of lamb and baked potato for my birthday dinner - assuming we can afford the lamb. for awhile it was cheap, but meat prices out here fluctuate so much it's not even funny. for awhile there we couldn't even afford chicken!

but my birthday isn't the only one being ignored. saxy's is monday. wonder what he'd like me to make him?

birthday spacing in my family didn't work out too well. kitten and jewel's birthdays are 2 weeks apart with one in march and the other in april. in july is saxy's father's birthday. august we have taz, followed in september by my mother and my brother. then saxy and i are 2 days apart (2 weeks might have worked out better) and we have his parents' anniversary in between! we get a break in november, but december gets hit with the kids' dad's birthday, shebop's birthday, and saxy's mother's birthday, plus christmas! one a month works, although 3 weeks apart might be better than 2. 2 birthdays in a single month is pushing it, 3 is next to impossible. add christmas and forget it.

oh, and our anniversary is the 31st.

thank god for january and february. we get a chance to breathe before the cycle builds up all over again.

maybe ignoring my birthday isn't such a bad thing. ignoring it gives us a bit more time before the birthday madness really hits.

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