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monday, june 3, 2002

i know i've been scarce of late; school has me tied and twisted in more ways than one right now. but i could NOT miss today. today is special...

whyspered moments is two!

that's right, it is two years old as of today. two years! WOW! i never thought i could sustain ANY kind of journal that long. my paper journals were lucky to last 3 months, most time even less.

so, even though i am swamped with a big project, dizzy as all get out, and haven't written in more than a few days, i just had to post today.

happy birthday to me! :)

site of the moment:
site of the moment:
word of the moment: ceilinged

adjective form of ceiling: the overhead inside lining of a room; an overhanging shelter or a lofty canopy; the height above the ground from which objects on the ground can be seen and identified; an upper prescribed limit