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tuesday, september 24, 2002
WARNING: NOT a child safe entry!

one thing about having numerous emails (for whatever reason) is the amount of spam you get. if you join yahoo, your spam count explodes (which is why i have deleted all my yahoo memberships and dropped off all yahoo elists i used to be on). and once the spammers have you, it's over. it's impossible to get rid of. changing emails doesn't even seem to help. and spam mail has one annoying characteristic that the typical junk mail doesn't seem to share: the spammers have no clue who you are or what you're interested so send you everything. in most the junk mail i receive (with the exception of the annoying fliers that paper entire cities without regard to whether or no anyone is even living at the address in question), there's some connection to my life. i've bought from the catalogue before, i have a specific internet presence, my family composition seems taken into account (i have girls, so i should be interested in porcelain dolls, right?).

not so with spam.

some of my most recent spam mails have included:

tons of offers to refinance my home. this would be nice except i don't own a home. i'd like to, but guaranteed i wouldn't refinance it with someone who blindly sent me an email about it.

ads on penis enlargement. now, if i had a penis, i think saxy and i would be worried, and we most certainly would not want it enlarged!

i have yet to get a spam mail on where to meet neat guys online (not that i need to meet neat guys online), but i have dozens of locations to meet the perfect woman. folks, i don't swing that way . . . so to speak.

porn, porn, porn. the bane of the internet hits the e-mailbox on a regular bases. now spiced up with cam sites! someone, please save me.

stock brokers and stock options. baby, i can't even afford to pay my gas bill every month and you want me to buy stocks? what are you on?

this is just a small portion of the stuff that makes no sense, has nothing to do with my life, and i'm totally uninterested in. and for the stuff i am interested in, like i'd choose the services based on a blindly sent email . . . NOT.

now, when you have more than one email, you get all this stuff in triplicate (or more, depending on the number of emails you have). i closed 3 of my emails down for over a month, recreated the boxes to a much quieter inbox, and now the vultures are circling again. it's not as bad since i before i left yahoo, and a little spam honestly doesn't bother me. filters are wonderful things. but the levels of spam are increasing almost daily now and its really starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

on another, brief note: to the readers who were concerned about me because of this morning's entry (all 2 of you), i'm fine. it hit unexpectedly, i seem to be through it, and we've decided to tell saxy's folks what's up so if i do get all tense, they know it's not because of them. i know i need to face this so i can move on. and i know i will do so and be just fine.

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