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thursday, september 12, 2002

things are getting worse. we now have a lawyer threatening litigation if we don't make arrangements to pay a debt we owe. just wonderful.

i'm seriously considering bankruptcy for the second time in my life. i'll never be able to buy a home or a car, but it would get these people to leave us alone. big price to pay for being unemployed and barely having enough to survive.

these people just do not understand. this woman wants me to pay $50-$100 a month until this debt is cleared. with what? the little bit of money we get barely covers our utilities and food. when hubby goes out of the state, i will essentially have to take care of feeding me and the kids and our rent on probably about $600, maybe less. there won't be money for utilities. stupid me mentions that i'm trying to get my husband out of state and no we do NOT have $50 a month to give them. after telling her 4 times i can't make any payments (these people are truly dense), she finally says, "you can't make arrangements to pay, but you can move out of california" and hangs up on me.

a real switch to have the lawyer or collector hang up on me rather than the other way around.

no one's employed. we live off of my children's child support and my son's ssi. school loans paid for past due utilities every 3 months, cleared out credit cards so i could upkeep the domains (which are now on servers that i pay for a full year in advance or are free), bought clothes - when we had any left over. no one's about to be employed. there are no jobs for my husband and my degree has yet to post. without the degree i can't get a job - i need the degree to post for the one job i qualify for and am over qualified/educated for everything else, if there was anything else available. when i get the degree, i still have to pay all these freaking fees just to teach part time. again, money i don't have.

the only property i have of value are 2 pcs, one of which i've tried to sell with no luck, the other of which we need if only because 3 people are in school and need internet access - one for his class, the others for online resources as required by their teachers. we have 2 stereos, neither of which are worth anything, a tv, a vcr, again, all worth next to nothing. there's no car, no property, very little jewelry - none of which would get more than it's metal value weight - $20 at most.

both sets of parents are on fixed incomes. friends are in tense financial situation.

ever hear the phrase, "you can't get blood out of a turnip"? well, folks, we're the turnips and someone wants the blood we don't have real bad.

i have a report to write. it won't do me a damn bit of good in the immediate future, but hopefully it will eventually do something for us.

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