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random comments
sunday, september 1, 2002

just some random comments that have hit me at one point or other during the week.

i definitely need moisturizing shampoo.

don't dish out what you don't want to take. if you tell me not to be honest with you on the "negatives," the hard stuff, then don't figure you can be with me. it goes both ways or not at all.

it's hard being focused only on my writing without the rest of the net open to me.

i've got a lot of world building to do. A LOT.

but i really want to get started on the actual novel. lol

another kid sick. *groan* why me? why her!? poor kid.

breaking through the boundaries you're used to is hard. breaking habits made over months or years is even harder.

we're looking into an assistance dog for my son. a friend has looked into how assistance dogs help autistics and it looks like it might be useful for him to have one on several levels. assuming we can find a way to get one, hello allergies.

i really need to get out of the house once in awhile. oh, wait, i'll be teaching soon. i hope. does that count?

i hate how money runs our lives.

it's going to be weird being the only one home. it's going to be weirder knowing everyone else is in school, and i'm not.

i wish the god of literature would hurry up and grade that essay and let me know what my class grade will be without essay #2. can my gpa take a b and not drop below honors? i hope so.

play station games do not just get up and walk away, so i thought. on that note, anyone seen a final fantasy x disc without a case? or in the wrong case?

it's hot and humid and i'm meeeeellllltiiiiiiiiing.

it's getting time for a new sotm. maybe tomorrow.

the ps2 is too much of a distraction, we shouldn't own one. hey, wait! i didn't mean it! bring it back! no . . . take it. no, bring it back!

lordy, i need a life!

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