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hair day
thursday, august 29, 2002

well, it was a bit more than a hair day, but hair did end the day.

today was one of those hodgepodge random hit as many of the various errands as you can kind of days, actually. first, kitten finally got her new glasses. silver frames, of course. since she wants to dye her hair silver and i've been vetoing that, i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of other things being silver for awhile.

then, i wanted to drop off my cbest scores but the lady who deals with subs is out until tuesday. seems the district takes fingerprints from the get go, and asks a bunch of questions to determine which application to give to the prospective sub.

next was registration for the oldest. the usual madhouse, only this year more parents signed stuff off and just sent their kids. (or maybe the kids just signed off on it and the parents haven't a clue?) i am amazed that some of these kids are high schoolers. i'm also amazed that schools have parents sign papers allowing kids to be interviewed and photographed and placed on web sites. i guess, despite problems in the schools themselves, they haven't heard of psychos who use this kind of stuff to find their victims? quite obviously, i checked 'no' on these forms. my child may never be interviewed by some news team, but hopefully we are also lessening her chances of being the news.

then i decide, spur of the moment - almost, that i really needed to cut my mane. it's log. it's thick. it's hot. and the dried ends were making me itch. but, of course, i have to be careful about the whole cutting thing. saxy wants my hair long, something i used to want, but have since wondered if i was sane to want. at any rate, my hair isn't a huge issue with me, if it makes the man happy, no big deal. my identity isn't in my hair. this means hair cuts are a cautious thing: minimal trims usually, with serious hair cuts only, well, ok, hardly ever.

so i asked the girl if there was a way to trim off all the dead stuff that was making me itch and thin it out some so it's not so hot without losing a lot of length. we went with layers. so now i have a fly away hair because curly hair set free from all the dead stuff goes nuts. i also picked up wash out glitter gel for my oldest. at least it's not a permanent silver dye. the end bill was horrendous (daughter is repaying me for the gels). i know the shampoo and conditioner i picked up will last hubby and i months (we get cheap stuff for kids), but when did supercuts get delusions of grandeur?

it's a damn good thing hubby takes care of everyone else's hair. six heads could get really expensive really quickly. me, i just have a problem with even professionals touching my hair. hair mistakes and curls usually do not mix well together.

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