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almost over
sunday march 17, 2002

somehow i've survived
probably the second worst quarter in my life. i still have 3 days left, but the pressure is dying down, thank goodness. i seem to have lost my white out, but have managed to retain most of my sanity. i can live with that...i hope, but damn am i tired. there really was so much i wanted to talk about this quarter, but i just never could find the time to get here. i was lucky to manage writing once a day over at dreaming in ink. but dreaming is fast and easy with greymatter and little blurbs work there.

i have to say i had some real winners in terms of classes and professors this time around. none of them were so bad that i can completely hate any of them, but only one of them was so good that i enjoyed it thoroughly. for those that haven't been following dreaming, here's the low down:

advanced fiction. i have to admit i did get something out of this class, although not much from the workshops. people don't read my genre so, while some comments are useful for all genres, there are things specific to sf/f that people just didn't get. the instructor did provide some interesting comments that did help me quite a bit though, and i was able to deduce some other useful things for me to think about.

american lit 2. this prof must have all the time in the world since she assigned 100+ pages of reading per night. this class was one of the reasons i ended up so backed up. by week 3 i realized that there was no way i could keep up, but i was already behind in all my other classes. i spent the entire quarter doing things last minute and playing catch up, a game i thoroughly despise.

american lit 3. now this was an odd class. when i first walked in i thought, "wow, cool! eye candy!" that lasted until he managed to convey that he thought he was eye candy too and all interest in appreciate the sight of him just evaporated. get a clue guys, you are far more attractive when you don't think you are attractive. then his attitude that he is god's gift to literary analyses, his vague assignments, and his harsh grading clinched it for me - i was not enjoying this class. however, on the cool end of things, he did let me take an incomplete (and i will be working on the make up work over break and the first week or so of next quarter). this is a good thing. if i had to retake this class next quarter, miss 100+ pages a night would be teaching. ug.

approaches to imaginative writing. my grad class and the class i loved! the prof was good and the workshops useful and enjoyable. i think i got more out of this class than almost any class for the last 3 or 4 years that i've been pursuing my degrees again. i'm also seeing reading in a different light, including most of the older stuff i couldn't really swallow before. but some things will probably forever remain with me - like shakespeare being a foreign language.

i also had honors project but that was a breeze. reading a story i wrote in front of 4 people is no major big deal, you know?

time to run off and finish the half a dozen papers, revisions and rewrites i need to get done over the next few days. i will be so glad when i can focus on the things I want to write again. sigh...

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