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thursday, march 21, 2002

i'm done.

well, ok, so i'm only done for the quarter. one more to go before i can say i'm done with the b.a. (and almost 3 years before i can say i'm done with the m.f.a.). and i can really only say sort of done because i still have 2 papers to write so i can get an actual grade in one of the classes instead of an incomplete.

but i'm done enough for me.

on the agenda for my 12 or 13 days off:

sleep (but we knew that)

time with the family (and it's about time!)


writing (the real stuff not the assigned stuff)


getting my new web site up


maybe getting more of up (there's more sections down at the moment that any one really knows)

and, you guessed it!, sleep.

i'd like to do some site reviews too...if anyone would be brave enough to submit their site!

grades won't be posted until the new quarter starts, but i can tell you i probably got a 'c' at best on my last final. heck, maybe i only got a 'c' on my other am lit final as well, so the 2 papers i need to write to complete the class better be damn good. unfortunately, even if they are, this particular instructor would probably only give them a 'b'. he just seems to be that kind of guy. as long as i maintain the 3.5 i worked so hard to get, i'm happy.

the only other comment of note is that i think i better see the doctor and look into the possibility that i might have migraines. my 'storm pressure' headaches are getting worse. the last one lasted 3 days and was so bad i got nauseous whenever i moved my head.

just what i need: one more medication.

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