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saturday, july 21, 2001
a day needed

i really needed yesterday. i woke up crampy, achy and queasy, not the best combination. my cycle is wrecking havoc with me this month and i am really not happy about it. (and, of course, this could be another sign that there is something deeply on my mind...not that i have figured it out yet.) ok, too much information, but it is important to the rest of the entry, trust me. at any rate, i hurt all over in an achy sort of way, wasn't particularly hungry in a queasy sort of way and hurt more specifically between the hips. i ended up spending most of my day in our big chair with the heating pad on my lower back. even my hips complained, particularly when i sat in the computer chair. all in all, it was a day i could have physically skipped and not missed it. it was one of those days when the only reason to be a woman is because of the people i love. and because i wasn't exactly pleasant for the most part, those reasons to be a woman were not happy to be living with me at the time.

being female can be the worst pita sometimes.

but my beloved decided to spoil me despite my whiny unpleasant personality. or maybe it was because of. lord knows, give an unhappy woman a present and she's less inclined to be unhappy, and most men are smart enough to realize this (at least as long as she's not in a 'tear your head off' angry mood. take my advice boys, if it's that bad, run). saxy can be pretty frustrating with his lack of knowledge about people sometimes, but this is one thing he knows: domy likes present no matter her mood, give her presents when she feels like crap and her mood is likely to improve no matter how she feels. i am not saying he actually thought about it, but, at the same time, i am not counting out a human's instinct for survival on this one.

so saxy went out, wrote a check and brought me stuff. lots of stuff. one of the things i crave at this time of the month is sweets. i have a nasty sweet tooth under normal circumstances anyway. put me in the middle of the female nightmare and it is ten times worse. i can't eat much else, although i do crave meat like there's no tomorrow (the anemia kicking in i am sure, trying to make up for what i am losing...the body knows). but sugar, oh yea! oddly, for some reason chocolate has not been on the list of late. no clue why on that one. at any rate, he got me more than enough of my sweets to make me happy.

but he didn't stop there.

this sweetheart of a man also picked up a can of cashews for me (i adore cashews, they're just usually to dang expensive for our budget) and two cds - a knight's tale soundtrack and journey's evolution.

domy was most definitely a much happier camper after that, even with all the physical nastiness, i felt much more human. and i was able to be a much nicer person.

but all the niceness didn't end there. later in the day i received my copy of the del rey workshop newsletter and found myself listed in the reviewer honor roll not once but twice! and finally, in the evening, one of the ladies i review on a frequent bases sent me a lovely email telling me how much she appreciates my comments on her work.

all things considered, i needed those warm fuzzies and most definitely appreciated every last one.

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