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monday, july 23, 2001
8 weeks

as of wednesday i have 8 weeks left for summer then all hell breaks loose in the domy household. both saxy and i return to school, the teenager goes into high school. what worse nightmare could be wished on a family? easy: having one of them taking 20 units.

yes, this absolutely insane woman will be taking 20 crazy units this fall. it wasn't planned that way, but one of my classes didn't come through. an 'f' in shakespeare can ruin an entire schedule. so, to make it through in time to graduate with the b.a. in june i have to replace the class i can't take with another. now, all of this could go down the tubes quickly enough too at this point as the class is full and i'd have to convince the instructor to let me add. i may email him/her/it, get my foot in the door early, etc... the class i am looking at is the only one that fits my schedule and still gives saxy all his time for his classes. so, convincing the instructor early may be a REALLY good thing. a nightmare thing, but a really good thing. really. honestly.

next year looks particularly unpleasant for me in the education department. fall - 20 units, winter - 18 units, spring - 13 units if i am lucky, 17 if i'm not so lucky. i am really praying for the 13 in that last quarter as that's when i am planning to retake shakespeare and the less the number of units the better. and that's not the end of it. we've decided to go for the m.f.a. so the following fall i will, hopefully, be in grad school for about 2 years. after that i will take my degree (which will increase my pay quite nicely), emergency credential and teach while i actually go through the credential program.

and let's not forget the effort to actually get published in all this mess.

saxy, on the other hand, will be making an effort to return to school and he's stressing just thinking about it! the good news is he will have time when the kids are in school to do homework, thus have some peace and quiet. this is another trick we have to work out: i need music, he needs silence. this ought to be fun.

and kitten, who would now like to be called phoenixcat, will be getting her first taste of high school and all the pressure and work load there. all things considered, i am REALLY not looking forward to this at all. middle school was getting bad enough, but now she's doing a.p./honors classes in high school? oh lordy, we shall not hear the end of it. seriously.

so i have 8 weeks of relative peace. after that, well, it will be interesting to say the least.

i have 8 weeks to get the rest of my site up and need at least a year, so most of my spirit pages will probably remain down (seryn in particular is last on my list of stuff to put up). i actually have quite a bit i can revamp and put up in dominodesigns on cd rom, but that's also low on my list to get back online. actually, i am pretty much down to the "low on my list" stuff anyway, it's just getting motivated to get it all revamped and back online. and i need to stop creating new stuff to put up. (my most recent isn't for public consumption, it's basically bits and pieces and notes i need for writing my novels). and last but not least, there's integrating the other domains into this one so they are all one big happy family. i can get that done in 8 weeks, right?

summer is wrecking havoc on my web presence actually. see, summer is the time when next to nothing gets paid. so in addition to having only 8 weeks to get the rest of my site online, i have 8 more weeks of fending off creditors. nothing can be paid until my school moneys come in. then i can catch up. in the mean time, beloved has been pulled off-line (for financial as well as other reasons, the other reason being good ones) and vom will more than likely need to move to as a subdomain.

then there's the whole writing thing. this is really beginning to take over my head. especially my new story. i actually have it in my head to get it finished and submit it to a writing contest. definitely looking to be knocked into my place in the scheme of things, which is not as a published author, but heck, i could win...maybe.

did i say 8 weeks of peace? who the heck was i kidding?

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