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friday, january 19, 2001
weekend madness

and so it begins: the absolutely insane overload brought on by wanting to live your personal life while also attending uni. if you are a uni student, you understand this, especially if your u is on the quarter system: 10 weeks of shoving the same amount of info into your little brain data base that a semester does in over twice that amount of time. you see the syllabus and it doesn't look that bad, then the middle of the second week, maybe the beginning of the third, you are just going "oh my god!" and desperately rescheduling just so you can keep up.

i'm at the end of my second week. and yes, the "oh my god!" has hit: 4 chapters (not short, i think the shortest is like maybe 20 pages) and 3 papers to start. then there's my "i will pass the damn tests" strategies: study guides and typing up the class notes. just thinking about it makes me tired . . . well, more tired than i have been. the schedule really is giving me as much of a rough time as the actual classes!

now add the game (tomorrow) which i have to finish some work on FOR tomorrow and visions and i am just looking at never leaving this computer . . . except to run the game tomorrow night. i will probably force some ps (playstation) time in there just for my sanity. besides i have this new shoulder/back problem that isn't too happy with extended time at the pc. right under my right shoulder blade gets really sore. nowhere else, which is too odd.

and on that note, i should probably get started on the madness. i wish staring at a book helped instill its knowledge, but i have yet to experience the wonders of knowledge osmoses.

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