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sunday, january 21, 2001

there was no game yesterday. i spent the morning, which could have been spent on my killer homework load, working on the game and no one showed up. to be fair, one person did call, although it was AFTER we were supposed to start, and he couldn't help his absence. work does have a priority over gaming, especially when you are the area steward for your union. i did tell him that in the future to call me the friday before to let me know if we were playing as i just don't have time to invest in gaming sessions that aren't going to happen. the other player seems to have fallen off the face of the earth: no calls, no showing up, not even contact with the player who called and is his best friend. he's around, we KNOW he's around, he's just not making any effort to get in touch with us.

i seriously do not have time for this. when your icq away message reads something like this

"3 papers, 2 weeks of notes for 3 classes, 2 study guides, 4 chapters, 1 visions of mind chapter and one ad&d game to finish up...and you expect me to be here?"

and you used to never be in n/a mode but now are always in n/a mode, you just don't have time to screw around and wait for others to get with the program. these guys pestered me for ages to work on my game. THEY have been ready to play for weeks. maybe i waited too long, i dunno. but we set the date to begin together, taking in account holidays and all of that. they KNEW when i would be ready to go. and for the last 3 weeks i have been sitting here ready while they do the gamer thing and flake out. well, i don't have time for it any more. They want to game, they will call and THEN i will do the preparation for that session.

don't get me wrong, i WANT to game. it used to be that if i hadn't gamed for a long time i got irritable. now that i play on domynoe's a lot, i don't get so crazy about not gaming. and one of these guys is pretty close to my best friend. so i want to game, and would prefer to game with these guys, but i don't have the time to waste on prepping for a session that isn't going to happen. saxy thinks they are flaking out because of him. he really didn't make a good impression when they first met and at least one game fizzled because of his attitude at the time. but he has done better and is trying harder. i just think they are being typical gamers myself: flaky. for most gamers if you don't get them in the habit of being there EVERY week, 9 times out of 10 they will flake on you. not that they don't like gaming, not that they don't look forward to it, and not that they won't ask you how it went on monday for the sunday game; they just...flake. i never could get it myself. at any rate, if it IS because of saxy, then i guess the game does not need to be run. The second player is no charmer either, and if they are willing to put up with him then they should be willing to put up with saxy too.

maybe the cranky if i can't game thing still applies.

(another minor note of irritation that is unrelated: if your guestbook doesn't take html, then please note it someplace. or get phaistos as an optional book! totally customizable and takes html like a dream.)

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