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friday, january 5, 2001
rush, rush, freak!

my f.a. money came in today and in about 6 hours i spent nearly every dime. i ran around town this morning buying books, supplies, a tape recorder, attempting to pay rent and so on. about 3 hours later i am home eating a fast food lunch and sorting through a stack of bills 3" thick. not that all of those were separate bills. some were duplicates. which is why they had to be sorted. i place all my bills in a basket until i can pay them. so, if i can't pay it for a month or two, there will be 2 or 3 bills in the basket from the same place. so when it is time to actually pay said bills i have to sort through them, find the one with the most recent date, dump the rest and pay what i can on the most recent. with bills sorted into the "i must pay this" and the "this is a priority" and "they are just going to have to wait" piles, i began payment of said bills. credit cards are easy. i LOVE online paying. but the bills weren't so easy.

i had 4 major bills and only 2 stamps.

so then came the phone calls, "can i pay you on the phone or online?". most wanted a credit card for on the phone payments, which wasn't about to happen since i just CLEARED a credit card and put money on another. no point in digging them back in right away. but for a $4 charge i was able to pay one on the phone (another example of energy highway robbery). a second can wait, it's not overdue or anything. problem solved: 2 bills + 2 stamps = a match made in heaven and one brain fried me. by the time all this was done, i was so stressed that saxy actually told me to go play on the pay station a bit to unwind.

so, here's the bad news. no fontographer. i just can't afford it this round. maybe next quarter. after groceries and getting some appropriate school clothes, we will once again be broke. a number of necessary payments were MUCH higher than bargained for.

but the good news rocks. rent paid. utilities caught up. one credit card cleared, a second with a good deal of excess on it, and a 3rd to be caught up for pay off in april. books purchased BEFORE classes begin. all necessary school survival supplies purchased: pencils, paper, pens, highlighters (they discontinued my favorite one! *pout*), and so on - even got a tape recorder (and warranty). and while i am not getting fontographer, i did get a new play station game (40.00 is much cheaper than 350.00) and will be getting clothing for myself and food in the house for the family.

so we may be broke again, but it is a good "we're all caught up on the important stuff" broke. and i may be REALLY paying for this in the future, but we are covered in the here and now. considering the teaching crises in california right now, i am not too worried about the future. here and now is good enough for me in our current situation.

now if only friends and my husband hadn't taunted me with the cheesecake episode last night, everything would be perfect.

of course, now i have to unfreak/unstress myself enough to work on the game that is starting tomorrow. i need monster cards. i need to finish 2 interludes. i need to finish a dungeon. i need cheesecake!

oh yes, this girl is generally freaked. school starts MONDAY!

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