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monday 08.14.2000
internet woes

ok, so i WAS supposed to spend the day in bed. instead i spent the morning fighting netscape over a midi. for some time now my netscape, and apparently ONLY my netscape won't play midis on my site. it plays them just fine on other sites, but not mine. i have even swiped a code or two to try to see if it is a coding error. no go. the midi plays fine in i.e., plays fine off the hard drive, plays fine for OTHER people's netscape, and netscape has no problem with midis on any site other than mine. to day i am perplexed is putting it mildly. it all started when i upgraded crescendo. since then i have uninstalled crescendo, reinstalled with the original version that was working, uninstalled netscape, reinstalled netscape, upgraded netscape, then went back to the old version of netscape since the upgrade turned out to be a big mistake. nothing has worked. i can hear music everywhere except on my own site and i don't get it.

and that was all this morning.

now, before all you gung-ho i.e. peoples start in on me, the wise designer takes into account as many browsers as possible and definitely tries to design for both i.e. and netscape at the very least. and this seems to be a problem only with MY netscape. other people heard the music just fine, no illegals, no anything. but knowing i have the problem, i won't load the music on my pages because someone else may also have the problem. this sucks because the music i am putting in is on pages that were given as gifts, and i hate removing the music that was a part of the gift given.

upgrading netscape was a HUGE mistake. the newer versions tend to illegal more and be more buggy than the last. even i, a die hard netscape user, will admit that. but i just hate i.e. it is slow and, in my view, generally too forgiving. it is also a ms product, which i kinda have a thing about just on principle. netscape 6 is supposedly web standards compliant, but i hate it. (at least they are trying to be web standards compliant, i.e. doesn't give a damn and is doing their own thing...including ignoring web standards, how's that for fun?)

so, hours later, i finally give up and remove the midis. by now my kids are home and sleep is out of the question. i think about doing some catch up stuff for tsf and net sisters, but am a bit lost after 2 weeks, plus being sick now isn't helping me think too clearly. now i am kinda stuck here, completely with no idea of what to do with myself until the younguns go to bed in a few hours. i have stuff to do, just no idea what it is. being sick seems to have addled my thinking processes. i'd like to work more on my site, get more stuff up, but nothing i have to do is all that simple. well, it is simple, just not short. i have to check all the coding, resave the htmls as shtmls, then add the virtual includes for the copyrights and navigation, upload, check the links, fix the links and reupload. easy stuff actually, just time consuming and more effort than i want to expend right now.

add to all that that netscape persisted in illegalling when i was trying to clean up a webring, meaning i have to wait 30 minutes between each new login. so i haven't been able to get much done there either.

the internet just isn't my friend today.

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