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thursday 07.27.2000

for a moment time stands still. no one can move. not them, not him. she glows brighter than the sun. when it fades, she is weaponless, but glows ever so softly. power surrounds her.

movement as the hoards of enemies surge forward. she is untouched by all but the most powerful, from those she must be protected. all others scatter to dust.

"affirmative may be justified
take from one to give to another"

her eyes on him, his on her. she steps forward. nothing else matters. he is all she can see. she must reach him. nothing else matters but this moment. the past is done, the future to be made in this moment.

"the goal is to be unified
take my hand be my brother"

slowly she walks with single minded determination, hand outstretched in supplication. if not for her defenders, she would be cut down. even with them, her power diminishes a little each time she is struck. but no injury is taken. nothing deters her. he is all that matters in this moment.

"the payment silenced the masses
sanctified by oppression
unity took a back seat
sliding further in regression"

he rises, anger in every line. a skeletal hand points in her direction, power shatters upon goodness and love and unity. all that she is remains untouched by his dark presence. he feels the tremors of fear, a fear he has not felt since those in the mists of the past rejected him. his anger denies fear. he will...he must...defeat her. he watches her slow approach, tall and proud, unwilling to bend.

"i feel angry i feel helpless
want to change the world
i feel violent i feel alone
don't try to change my mind"

about them chaos and war reign. love defends her, unthinking obedience attacks.

"discrimination now on both sides
seeds of hate blossom further
the world is heading for mutiny
when all we want is unity"

she reaches the steps, one foot before another she approaches. her hands out in supplication. instinctively he leans away. but he too feels the moment.

"we may rise and fall, but in the end
we meet our fate together"

face to face. flesh touches bone, good beseeches evil, love faces hatred. their hands rise in perfect motion as they are lifted from the ground and surrounded in glowing light. the fighting stops as all turn to the two. light that burns, light that blinds, pours from the two.

in a final moment it is done. the glow fades. they stand back as they were. for an ever so brief moment he is seen as he was, young and strong. he looks at her with a smile. then the moment is over. dust lays at her feet. all that is left of a great evil.

she turns and looks to her companions. as the enemy about them becomes scattered on the winds, she slowly crumples to the ground. none can tell if she breaths, in a moment's stillness a rumble is heard. the ground shakes. they must flee or be crushed under the immense stone that will become his grave.

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