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thursday, january 20, 2011

it's been building up for some time. we've been round-robining our bills and disconnects, scrambling to pay rent and buy food (although food has been less of a problem of late), and it's been getting harder and harder to keep thing together. that's what happens when there's been unemployment followed by under employment followed by might as well be unemployment for a year or more. and now it's finally hitting. if linnorm hadn't helped, our gas would be shut off (and impossible to turn back on after the cold spells of the last month...the new bill is almost $300!).

and now our internet is off (i'm borrowing to get this posted) and i've had to push the cell phone pay date, and we're in a bit of a panic about rent. the checking account is in the red (some of it is bank idiocy, some of it was us trusting the bank to be current) at the worst possible time—nothing can be put into it until the rent is paid, so i'm just hoping we still have an account by then.

really, we knew this mess was coming. well, not the bank part of it. but the rest of it? i've been waiting for us to be in so deep, we just can't save everything. there's only so long you can keep pushing dates, scraping up money, not paying everything off. even though saxy has a job, it takes a bit for the paychecks to kick in in a significant way and with regular hours, so we're still looking at a nasty few months just to stop sliding down the slippery slope we're on. everything is imploding NOW.

if we can get through this month, get the rent paid, turn the internet back on, pay the cells, and not lose anything else, that will be one major hurdle overcome. it'll still be a bit of a mess getting back on an even keel, but i think we can, we'll just have to be careful and hope the girls stay a bit longer than they expected. and hope no new huge bills come in with disconnect notices attached to them. many more of those, and imploding will be the least of our worries.

in the meantime, because of the way i'm having to connect right now, there's no way i can respond to emails. i'll get a response to you as soon as i can. if it's important, i'll contact you from another domynoe email.


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