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yea, this sucks
friday, may 7, 2010

monday, we got A LOT of rain. it started late sunday night and just kept going. these were flood level rains, just not over as many days as the floods we had last fall.

monday was also a school day for kitten. so saxy drove her in.

turned out to be a bad idea. not that we knew it at the time....

as he came around a curve, going downhill, the car started to pick up too much speed, so he tried to brake to slow down. no go. he started hydroplaning instead. you have no control over a hydroplaning vehicle. it went across lanes and into oncoming traffic and finally hit a truck.

the people are okay, if a bit bruised and shaken up. kitten flinches when he brakes in the rental car, but i expect that won't last. it's just a mild form of ptsd, and it should pass in time.

the car, however, is totaled.

now, the vehicle wasn't paid off yet—we still have about $6500 left. it was insured at the minimums required both by the state and by the bank giving us the loan. but here's the thing: the insurance company will more than likely pay off the bank first, then give us, minus our $500 deductible, whatever's left.

this leaves us in quite a mess. in georgia, you pretty much NEED a car. seriously, the public transportation system out here, with very few exceptions, is nothing like california. where i lived in cali, i had 4 bus stops all within a 5-20 minute walk (depending on the stop), and those stops had busses that came through every 15-30 minutes. the marta in atlanta is decent if you can reach it, but the bus system out where we live? sucks. nearest bus stop? 1 1/2 hour walk away. and busses are not all that common even when we're driving around. i mean, seriously, i think the shortest time period out between busses out here is 30 minutes. they've put up initiatives to try to expand the marta or to create more public transportation, and they always get voted down. not sure by who, but the long and the short of it is public transportation out here sucks.

while saxy and kitten can probably work out transportation to and from school for the remainder of this quarter, what about next quarter? and saxy must have a car to get to work.

we want to try to convince the insurance company to give US the money so we can use it to get another car, and then keep paying on the grand am. without that money, we'll get maybe $400 out of the whole mess. we have no other money to use for a down payment. we have no money to buy even a cheap ass, "get us through" car since even something like that would end up between $1500 (if we're extremely lucky) to $3000, and previous experience tells me even if we could get something that low, it wouldn't last long.

the kicker? even if we did have the money for a down, we probably wouldn't qualify for a loan. the house was based on saxy's driving job which gave us $1400/month. the now wrecked car was based on a job which paid closer to $2000/month. his job right now? $800/month, if we're lucky. this doesn't even pay our rent. we could probably include the money the oldest pays us every month, but even that addition $440 doesn't get us all that close to where we need to be to qualify for anything.

so, yea, this sucks. supposedly the rental (which, according to our insurance, should have lasted 30 days) ends monday. after that, i have no idea how i'm getting anyone to the doctor, doing grocery shopping, doing anything that requires me to leave the house.

icing on the cake? saxy was given a ticket for an unsafe lane change. if the accident had not involved another vehicle, he wouldn't have gotten anything, but since he hit the truck, georgia law requires a ticket. wtf??? i mean, really? you can't control a hydroplaning car!

this sucks is probably one of the biggest understatements in the world.

and, really, i wish the universe would stop shitting on us. WE are doing everything we can to try to get ourselves in a better place. but as soon as things start to sort themselves out, something else happens to totally fuck it up, usually something we have no control over. my faith is shaken, my hope for the future failing.

what the hell did we do to deserve this?

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