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friday, may 1, 2009

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remember the days when i had something to say almost all the time? yea, well, this kind of not having much of anything to talk about happens when you don't work and don't go out of the house much. sad, isn't it?

anyway, i do have some good stuff to talk about from the past few weeks. :)

first, the lawyer. because doofus boy has moved back to virginia, the cost for that has gone down. it's still expensive, but now in reach for those helping kitten take care of it. she can actually get started tomorrow (or, rather, next week since i'm sure he's not going to work weekends even if we do have the money) because she technically couldn't file here in georgia until she lived here 6 months anyway. tomorrow is her 6 month anniversary here. so when we went to see him again, he already had some paperwork for her to bring home and fill out to start the process and a stack of reading on the military's regulations regarding married couples.

i like this man already. ;)

he thinks he can bully the bully into backing down, and honestly, i am leaning towards agreeing with that. the guy is out here and not working right now, so him getting a lawyer is going to be next to impossible. without a lawyer, i just don't see him being able to stand up to ours. but this is good. we'll finally get kitten what she should have gotten and maybe then some. (and, yea, this boy has turned me into a bit of a vengeful bitch on my daughter's behalf; the b.s. he's put her through is precisely that—b.s.) according to the lawyer, custody will be no problem because it's obvious doofus in too unstable to take baby cat away. the only concern is the supervised visitation which requires a psych eval, but, again, because he was an idiot and got caught taking drugs, it should be a no brainer. there are the issues of all the stuff he freaking left in hawaii even though it could have been shipped out for free (he paid for his own ticket home and left before the military came in to do all that for him because, as he says, "there was too much drama with now ex-girlfriend"; it's supposedly being held onto by friends, but for how long? and that still means kitten's irreplaceables are out of reach and may never get to her now), the back b.a.q. he was supposed to give her and never did (we're estimating it at about $15,000 minimum), the bills she wracked up getting things for him (the car he let get repoed, the stereo system she bought for it on credit, the equipment purchased for his now defunct music career—he didn't have the credit, and now hers is ruined because she loved him enough to do these things for him), and, of course, the child support he hasn't paid in 2 months now.

really, he's apparently been thinking everything's going to be easy for him now that he's out of the army. i think he's totally screwed and has no idea what's coming. and kitten is going to win on the major issues just because he has screwed himself.

and we managed to show the lawyer what an idiot he actually is. he was texting her about taxes and becoming a real pain in the backside, so she finally told him to just leave her alone. so he sends a text asking her if she's threatening him and going on about now the shit has hit the fan and she's going to get in trouble with the i.r.s. and a whole bunch of other "control freak now i'm going to do whatever i can to scare you" crap. all she said was leave me alone, i don't want to hear from you any more. that's it. she showed this to the lawyer, and even he was floored by it. i'm telling you, this "man" has more than a few screws loose...really loose.

but on to happier good things...like we now know what taz wants to do when he "grows up": he wants to be a chef! apparently he really loves to cook. now, i would have thought he'd prefer a movie related thing, but they asked at the school and this is what he told them (personally, i was really surprised he knew how to answer the question—i didn't think it was something he thought about at all). i got this information at his last i.e.p. (which went very well, thank you for asking! ;)

so now when he works with kitten at his new "job" (his unpaid 2 hours a week, unless you count his hush puppies snack as payment), he'll be spending more time in the kitchen working with his buddy, cl. cl apparently adores taz and loves working with him, has since day one. now that taz wants to be a cook, cl is even more jazzed and has found ways to have taz help out that are both safe and productive. for example, last week, cl made balls of hamburger and laid them out and had taz help him make hamburgers. apparently yesterday, taz helped make some catfish for a customer. he's helped make cole slaw and hush puppies too. we may still need to get him to learn how to be a busboy, but right now kitten is helping him focus on what he wants to be: a cook. well trying to. apparently taz and cl kept trying to throw her out of the kitchen yesterday. *g*

but that's not all! oh yes, there's more. saxy found the young chefs academy and called me about it, and i called them. they already have two autistic kids in their current group of kids and are allowing taz to come and try a class for FREE this upcoming saturday! we're very excited to have found it and are hoping that he likes it and it proves to be a workable "training" class for him. the hard part will be the money. for now, we'll probably do their flex-pass and pay the $133 for 4 classes and have him go every other week while i try to see if i can locate some kind of help with either the 6 month fee ($500) or the yearly fee ($840). if it comes down to it, we'll keep doing the flex-pass and i'll pay for a full year out of next year's tax return, but for now i'm hoping we can find financing help. this is all assuming that this saturday works out and he likes it, which i suspect will depend on the size of the group. i've also suggested to saxy that this might be a good thing for him to do with taz since he likes cooking so much as well.

in other news, saxy and i are thinking of trying to take advantage of the dream homeownership program out here. obviously one reason for that is without it we may never be able to own a home, and it is a time sensitive program, so we have to get into it NOW. but one of the bigger reasons is an attempt to cut down our current rent and utility cost. rent right now is $975, and i know some foreclosed properties are less than half that a month. and this place is so old and so full of holes that the electricity and gas combined are always about $300/month and water runs about $100. even if we have to fix a place up, i think we can find some place that runs less than that. and we'd own it! i don't want to get too excited—we've had too many times where we tried to get good stuff going and got smacked down—but this would be way cool if we could qualify. it'd be even cooler if we could get into taz's school district so i could transfer froggy in. but one step at a time, you know? this weekend, we'll start looking at what we need to do, and hopefully next week i can start us on the process.

so there we go: some good things going on. it really is nice to have stuff like that to report occasionally. i'm particularly excited for my son. a cook! who knew? lol


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