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tuesday, january 13, 2009

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so, i was working on a post in my head today, a nice post, actually, because there's some good stuff going on of late. i was going to write about how saxy is looking into a new job. it's in the early stages, but a driver of the local transit system said they're always hiring and a new class is about to start and the pay starts off at about $12/hour and they offer real benefits after 75 days. i was also planning to talk about the new washer and dryer and how tired i am after a full day of it but how much nicer it is to have them here instead of having to go to the laundromat even if the dryer only has a 30 minute timed dry. and i was going to let people know how nice it's been to be off the megace for a few days, not have a period, but also not be sick like i was the last time.

that rush through will just have to do because the soon to be ex of kitten's has ruined that plan.

she called to remind him that he has to pay his past due support by the first. this is what was agreed upon. we figured he could pay it out of the check on the 15th, but that appears unlikely to happen. he says he can't afford it. and he also notes that she won't have any options after the first because he'll be out of the army.

guess he doesn't realize he can get arrested for not paying his support. i suspect he'll have to find that out the hard way.

and he claims they are divorced and there is an agreement in place. two problems with that: she has no paperwork to that fact (and i don't care what state you're in, the spouse MUST be served; he keeps telling her she doesn't need to see shit) and she never signed anything. divorced or not, he is required to pay support for his children. if he won't pay what was agreed upon, it can certainly be arranged for a court to order it, which tends to be much less pleasant.

but there's more.

he claims he's going to come out here, pick up baby cat, and return to hawaii with her as a part of his "agreed to", reasonable visitation rights.

um, no.

yes, we agree he has the right to see her, but this is a man who has taken his daughter out anywhere without her mother only once, and last minute he changed plans. he lives with people who smoke mj. he's a drinker. he's tested positive for drugs at least once (and has ruined all the benefits he could have gotten when getting out of the military by doing so). he has no freaking clue how to take care of her. most importantly, we're NOT giving him the chance to run off with her. (and if he did, she most assuredly would land in the care of his parents because i can bet you that he doesn't want baby cat out of fatherly love but because he wants to hurt kitten.) kitten told him no, this was not happening, he was not taking her daughter away from her. to which he said, you took her away from me.

um, WHAT!?

so, he's forgotten he practically threw them out of hawaii? that he's wanted nothing to do with either of them? that he's not seen his daughter is kitten's fault when she wanted to try to work things out?

wtf is wrong with this lame ass? hell, what is wrong with his memory? i'm the one with adhd and anemia, and even i can remember him wanting her out of hawaii, baby and all. every time he's "wanted" baby cat was a time when he wanted to get his way or when he was just being plain cruel or was reacting to the fact that she reported him for his bullshit. he's never wanted her just for her. and the fact that he wants to take her out of a happy, relatively stable environment for 2 or 3 months shows he doesn't care about baby cat at all. he's just being a selfish asshole.

seriously? the child support has helped. it helps pay for their part of the rent and food. but i think we could figure out a way to live without it if he would give up his parental rights. hell, with the way it's going, i fully expect him to stop paying support even if he keeps his parental rights and never bothers to call or see her again. we'll just have to find a way to work around it.

this man has made my daughter's life miserable. when she was in hawaii and he got back from iraq, he kept her isolated, mentally abused her, physically abused her, blamed every damn problem they had on her, wore her down in every way possible, told her a bunch of b.s. and if she checked up on it said she was a fucking idiot and wrong -- as if she's too stupid to find things out for herself. he barely paid enough for her to take care of baby cat then called her a bad mother. he kept all the dependent care b.a.q. that was supposed to go to her (something to the tune of $15,000). and now he thinks he can claim they are divorced, that she signed paperwork that she never saw, and now he's going to come out and take baby cat for a few months? he's fucking on crack!

i rarely wish anyone ill luck, but this man has me so damn annoyed that i hope his rap career falls flat on its face. someone needs to go and beat some sense into this idiot's head. and send him into counseling because it is more than obvious he's suffering post-traumatic stress along with an inflated ego and control freak nature.

kitten is already planning to file for divorce herself. we just have to get to a place where she can do that. fitts has agreed to help in any way he can. it's time to show this moron what a real divorce and custody agreement is all about, and hope a judge has enough common sense to keep him from taking baby cat out of the state after all this bullshit. hell, right now i wish she had grounds for a restraining order, but i suspect until he's in the state and actually threatens her, that can't happen.

for now, all we can do is support her until he's either put in his place, put in jail, or out of the picture completely. none of which can't happen soon enough. in the meantime, she's made some great progress in her emotional recovery, and she's just going to have to not let him take that from her.

i think he's going to be in for one hell of a surprise when he sees what some pretty pissed off puerto rican women can do.


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