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sunday, october 29, 2006

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and the fun never ends. as if to add insult to injury, the server my .net is on has suffered "a severe issue that will require a complete reinstallation of all the data from our most recent backups." what they failed to tell me was that the "most recent backup" was from JULY. they also gave me less than a day's notice. i managed to go in and grab my database and back it up, but the server went down before i could back up the rest of the site. the email goes on to say "You can continue to trust TC for all your hosting needs and we assure you that we are attempting to make the transition to a new server as painless as possible."

in what universe is a 3 month loss of data acceptable? how on earth does that make them a host i can trust? at this point i think i can trust them to lose shit because, apparently, they don't make backups more than every few months. really, wtf is that?

that's what i get for using a less expensive host, i guess. that's what i get for having a life that has kept me away from my computer and too busy to download backups even when the comp was here and operating.

and, yes, i'm protective of my sites, why do you ask? in this case, i don't think it's entirely unreasonable -- the majority of the stuff up there is NOT mine -- it belongs to friends. i trusted these people not only to keep my stuff safe, but the stuff of my friends safe too. i'm just glad i wasn't reselling. trying to explain this mess to customers would get me off their servers as soon as possible.

assuming the email i just sent their tech support demanding explanations doesn't get my site kicked off their servers, i'm going to have to rethink them as a host. while i've had few issues with them, i have had issues. the first was their banning of greymatter. i almost left then, but i finally forced myself to learn mt. a move just wasn't worth the expense and time and hassle. then there was a whole email issue that got my oldest in deep shit at her school. they blamed her. then my mt started refusing to allow me to update and they had to fix that. and now this.

my .net hasn't needed much, so i haven't moved it. i don't have a lot on their myself, so paying any more for it and attempting to get the same kind of package just hasn't been worth it. now i don't know. i may have to make some hard choices very soon. (well, okay, with life being what it is right now, the earliest i can consider doing anything is christmas, but that's still right around the corner.)

i wanted to write tomorrow. instead i'll be restoring my site. i doubt i'll have much time to write. hell, i doubt i'll get the whole site restored. i know i don't have everything, for one; and for two, a lot of it has to be done through mt, which means one entry at a time (i'm really hoping there's an easy way to restore my database for the fl's; if not, that will have to be done a table at a time, which sucks). and tuesday i go back to work, either via a ride or in whatever car saxy has managed to find for us, assuming he can find one for us, or with the person i've already discussed calling for a ride if we won't have a vehicle by then. mcat has some crazy notion that we'll qualify for some kind of financing through the lot, but i doubt it. my brother just doesn't get how far in the hole we are, how badly tanked out credit is, and how little we can afford to pay in terms of payments. i'm sure he's sick of us being on the edge like this all the time, but we're even sicker of it.

maybe not being able to write tomorrow is a good thing. i'm so damn irritated that anything i wrote would end up being shit anyway. it just would have been nice to get back into the r. k. novel and let the words flow.

and it might have made me a little less irritated. oh, not at tc -- not sure anything can make me less irritated with them right now. but i certainly would have been easier to live with if i could have gotten a little writing under my belt.

me thinks the family will be glad to be out of the house tomorrow.

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