thursday, august 31, 2006

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i can't tell you much about the last 2 weeks, they've been pretty much a blur. i know i was in a esol classroom with kids who should be able to speak the language fairly well. i know 2 of those classes were hell raisers who needed a good smack down from mama. i know i slept . . . a lot. i know the teacher had plans for the first week, but i did everything for the second week, even planning for tomorrow's sub and grading everything i could.

which i probably shouldn't do since it's a lot of work and i don't even get calls for interviews. :P

but i'm too nice to leave a stack a foot high for the teachers to grade. *shrug*

the one positive note i had this week was from a principle i trust (at least, i've never got the impression she would lie). i asked about my file -- if there was anything in there that said i was unemployable. she said that there was nothing she knew of and certainly nothing from her school. since her school is the one school that i was worried about conflicts with the administration, this is something of a relief. not that it gets me employed, but at least it's not me specifically. apparently there were quite a few l.a. and social studies teachers available. big pool = non certified (no matter highly qualified) are the last to be looked at for employment.

but no way in freaking hell am i going to degree in math or certify without the absolute guarantee of a job.

anyway, beyond that . . . well, there's not much beyond that. lots of little things -- youngest is sick, taz is doing well at school, jewel seem to be settling into her old self, and so on. the usual stuff.

i am more than a little peeved at the high schools out here though. jewel is in chorus. jewel must pay a $35 class fee. plus assorted uniform fees to the tune of $135. jewel must also pay to retake a semester she failed for one class, at least $150 -- more if she does it after school during the year. then there's the $10 art fee and the $5 fee for a required online homework program for the physics class no one will let us withdraw her from.

wtf is this? kid wants to go into chorus, it's not an elective any more so they have to pay? only the rich can get into the arts? and don't fail a class or you may never graduate unless you have the money for it? i guess "no child left behind" only goes so far. georgia is already creating an elitism, it seems to me, and i'm mighty peeved about it.

and, of course, none of this counts the psat or sat fees. it's a damn good thing she's not interested in the a.p. test.

domynoes somehow killed another database, so i'll more than likely be moving at least the table and a few pages to the .net, which doesn't seem to be having any issues at all. as a preventive measure, i may end up moving the remaining fl there as well and change my clique back to hand updated. fortunately the dii database seems ok, so not sure what's going on here except that my .com just might like making me pull my hair out.

ok, so a domain can't really actually want something, but i can really seem like it sometimes.

so, see, nothing really going on. after tomorrow i might have more than rambles since i'm going to the con. but, of course, i might not be around for another 2 weeks to write it. life's just been that way -- too busy for words, so to speak.

work is reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy suckin' -- and more than just energy and brain cells. :P

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