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friday, july 14, 2006

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just when things get quiet and we manage to have some good stuff come our way, something has to go wrong. in this case it's the car, again. 3 doctor appointments had to be cancelled (to the tune of $75) because the car is now sitting on the road locked up because it started then kept dying until it decided not to start any more. i can't even help pay for the $75 by cancelling dragon*con. the one good thing, we weren't that far from the house when the car gave it up. far enough for me to hurt by the time we got here, but really, it only took us about 10 minutes to get home. saxy stayed with the car for a bit to keep trying to get it to start again, but even he finally had to give up. he called mcat and let him know the car failed again and mcat's going to get it towed. course, this now means that saxy isn't working today and we have no idea when he'll get his check or be able to put it in the bank.

and we really need it in the bank . . . like, yesterday.

and then there's who's going to pay for this? all our money is tied up in getting our butts off the disconnection line. saxy's telling me not to worry about it, but how can i not when i'm the one who does the main financial management here (sucky a job as i do). and i hate this! we finally step forward a little, manage to afford a few extras, then wham! we get hit with another crises requiring money. it's driving me up the damn wall!

beyond that, saxy and i had to talk about another complication to the whole ft/p position for me thing (assuming i ever get offered a ft/p position, not holding my breath, at this rate). we need the extra income and we need the insurance a ft/p position would give me, especially saxy. linnorm has been talking about changing jobs, which might work for him and the kids, but doesn't work for me at all (his insurance is covering me at the moment), and, of course, saxy needs insurance and has none at the moment.

but . . . taz will be going to high school in another year or two, which means he'll be coming home at 2:30 pm. as a m.s. teacher, i wouldn't be home until 4:30 or 5 at the earliest. which means saxy can go to work an hour earlier, but has to leave work 2 or 3 hours earlier than he does now to be home in time -- giving him, at most, a 4 hours day. but, if we have him work ft and me sub only occasionally, we might make as much money, until we have to pay for the insurance. so, the question has become, do i or don't i take a ft/p position afterall?

at this point we're with yes. the timing actually gives saxy a natural study time if he goes back to school in the evenings. i'll need to get myself in school and finish my certificate as soon as i can so i can get a boost in pay and make up his losses, but at least we'll finally have te option for him to go back. he's been wanting to for a long time now, and this will give him the opportunity for that much.

as the final insult to our morning, ororo just ate through the wires for the headphones saxy picked up for his ipod. and apparently ate through an extra set of plug-in speakers he had that he uses for various other things earlier. with the car down, he can't replace either item. so he has a new ipod (picked up last night) that he can't even use because of his cat.

like i said, it figures. just when things start mellowing out for us a little, something else comes along and knocks us back down in one or another, then has to take additional little jabs as if to remind us we are supposed to stay down.


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