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rough week
wednesday, november 9, 2005

it started last saturday night or sunday morning - the mother of all migraines. by last wednesday, i was beginning to wonder if it was something else - i'd never had a migraine last so long. by thursday, i was wondering if maybe i had a sinus infection. it was hard to even figure out where the pain was coming from. even my teeth hurt. friday i probably should have stayed home, the pain was pretty bad and it was making me sick to my stomach. but light and sound didn't hurt, and we really need me to work as much as possible to get my paycheck up, so i went in. it wasn't a miserable day, rough, but not miserable. i just kept myself overdosed on advil migraine.

friday night i decided to go to urgent care. we were in right about the time they opened, maybe a little late, and it still took them 2 hours to see me. turns out my blood pressure is still elevated. yay. (can you hear the sarcasm?) she sent me on to another hospital to get a cat scan since they didn't have a machine at the clinic. we got to the hospital around 9 pm. we didn't get home until saturday morning at 5 am.

there went the job fair i was planning to go to that day. :(

end result? it was indeed a migraine, just a nastier one than i'd ever been subjected to before - probably being exacerbated by the blood pressure too. i got 2 shots, one relaxant kind of medication, the other a pain killer. one prescription - an anti-queasy med that can make you queasy if not eaten with food. i took that once. not doing it again unless i'm ready to throw up. no additional pain killers were prescribed, so i don't know what i would have done if the thing hadn't finally subsided this past weekend. and, finally, i was ordered to rest. watch tv. go smell the roses. take it easy.

and i did, at least most of saturday. napped a bit, resisted doing any work until later in the evening when it looked like the head was going to behave. and even then, i didn't focus solely on it, i took it easy, graded slowly, rested between things. i'm still amazed at how much i got accomplished even though i was resting most of the weekend.

i'm even more amazed that somewhere along the way my lazy ass became a type-a personality. but we'll leave that for another time.

today was my follow up appointment and i now have 2 new meds to add to my cocktail. one's for the migraines, to be taken whenever they even threaten to appear; the other is a beta blocker for my hypertension. depressing is not the word for that one - some of the side effects will make me really unhappy if i end up with them. (i like my sex life just the way it is, thank you very much, and i'm a dizzy enough person on my own so i really don't need any help.) in two weeks, i go back and we see how everything is doing. hopefully what we have will be enough and i won't have to get a higher dosage on either of them. (what would be really nice is if the dose could go down, but i'm not holding my breath on that.)

we did a little shopping for food today too, and i gave saxy the really bad news: no sausage or bacon with breakfast. but, really, with me having elevated blood pressure, and him having high cholesterol, i think we can do without the fatty meat. we picked up fresh veggies for a salad and a few other things as well. saxy's been getting himself off the caffeinated drinks - coffee and pepsi are no longer on the shopping list, but juice gets pricey, so we picked up some caffeine free sierra mist and ginger ale. my big task will be cutting down my salt. his next big task will be to stop smoking while mine will be to reduce sugar.

so, i've added to my personal pharmacy, but at least the migraines have finally been acknowledged as needing some measure of control. hopefully i won't have to suffer another week as rough as the last one.

word of the moment: phlegmatic

stolidly calm, unexcitable; unemotional; having or showing a slow and stolid temperament

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