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tuesday, august 30, 2005

we're already getting fallout from katrina, which is my way of saying she is one hell of a storm. and it's not so much hot as humid as hell, which makes it hot. or seem hot. or something like that. we've been stormy since yesterday afternoon. the thunder has both taz and his dog out of sorts. but we're okay - not in the danger zone (unless you count tornadoes).

amazingly, my very curly hair is being more than cooperative despite dampness and all that. ;)

as for me, i've had to work on the pc despite the storm. just a little nerve wracking with thunder and lightning shows. not to mention the threat of tornado. lesson planning for the rest of the week, you know. i still have to work on something for friday, but it can wait. the rest of the week is figured out and i'm pretty happy with that. all i have to do is figure out how to get a hold of the supplies i need and i'll talk to someone about that today. i'm not a regular science teacher so it's not like i keep a classroom supply of flashlights and clay on hand.

yesterday was rather interesting in a couple of ways for me. first i received my first apology ever from a student, at least in written format. it was quite heartfelt, even if the kid is having trouble keeping on the straight and narrow. i also received my first gift from a student, a picture she drew for me. i'm keeping both. it was very nice to receive them, to feel appreciated in that way by a student. i'm usually the one they can't wait to get rid of, the one they see maybe a couple of times a year, and who is generally ignored. my birthday and holidays drift on by with no acknowledgment. i get the occasional teacher who tells me how much they appreciate what i've done for them in their class, but most teachers just seem to take it in stride that the sub has been there and done a good job.

i'm also preparing my first progress reports. by hand. i don't have access to the database system the school uses because they decided not to gift me with a laptop, which is fine, but it sure makes my job a lot harder. i've had to do all my attendance by hand and have someone in the office record it for me rather than me doing it myself. i'm tracking my own grades. and now i'm doing progress reports. i've got everything listed, including their scores, and am now waiting for something to tell me how they want the different grades weighted.

i just know i'm going to screw this up. we did this grading workshop that was pretty much a disaster for me. :P

anyway, i'm hoping my willingness to do everything i've been doing will count in my favor - assuming anything comes available any time soon.

in other bits 'n pieces, my check finally showed up from the county. it just paid this month's rent. yep, i've been a month behind. i'm not sure how we're going to manage for september, except to say we'll be making payments and hoping my september check will finally put us paying a month in advance. saxy went looking for work without much luck. with his "slow time" coming, it'll be a bit nerve wracking till he finds that 2nd job. in the mean time, at least he's working tomorrow. the rest of the week may be in some question though.

one step at a time, huh?

well, better dive into the shower. need to rinse off with all this humidity pressing in. i might actually get to read a little before going to sleep tonight - it's been awhile since i've done that. then i need to actually hit the hay - later today i have an appointment with my calculator to determine the grades of about 100 or so students. the administrator of my grade level wants a list of the kids at risk of failing, and we also have a curriculum night coming - and the parents should have some idea of how their kids are doing beofre they come in . . . if they come in.

on the up side, i'm learning something new every day that will make me better prepared for my own classroom. i hope.

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stolidly calm, unexcitable; unemotional; having or showing a slow and stolid temperament

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