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trip part 2
monday, april 11, 2005

as promised, the second roll of prints! now, i said these would start at alabama, but i think we have a few tennessee ones in here. heck, i should have kept a record or something. regardless, pretty stuff out here - all this green. i just love it! :)

one of the prettier rest areas we stayed at
pretty sure this one is in tennessee. :)

we started seeing a lot of lakes and rivers along the way
more than the kids had ever seen in their lives
the excitement just at seeing so much water was kind of funny. ;)

saxy thinks this is us coming into memphis. i'm not so sure. lol

because of the brush and wet ground,
that was as close as they could get to the alabama sign.

either in alabama or mississippi
i love how the greenery surrounds (and is often a part of) the cities out here

more lakes to amaze the kids. ;)

finally there!

georgia - atlanta in particular - has some really neat architecture!
something else i really love here. :)

more atlanta skyline

home at last! (okay, so it's a newer picture, what can i say?)
we left cali july 2 and arrived in the evening on july 6.

what a trip! i wish we'd been able to slow down and enjoy it more, but this kind of move is costly even when you're not broke and getting a lot of help!

really, it's almost hard to believe we've been here 9 months now.

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to cause to curdle or coagulate; to pamper with delicacies

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